Winstrol Depot

Winstrol Depot. Active: Stanazolol

”From my point of  View the drug is absolutely useless in every respect. There are no appreciable side effects in conventional doses of Winstrol, but in any dose there is no appreciable gain in size nor strength. It is of no more use with woman or men. I don’t even think that it’s effect as a placebo is effective, a pink aspirin might be a better choice for a placebo drug.” (The Practical Use of Anabolic Steroids with Athletes by Dr. Robert Kerr.)

‘’I do not find Winny V injection to be an effective steroid no matter how it is used.” (Underground Steroid Handbook 2 by Daniel Duchaine.)

”In Germany there are places where this medication is considered as poisonous as rat poison.” (Anabolic Handbook by Michael Hagenbruch.) “

”Stanozolol is an anabolic steroid which has been increasingly used since 1984 in high-performance sports. Up until 1984 Stanozolol was regarded as infected by several underground publications” (Hormonelle Regulation und Psychophysische Bela.-stung im Leistungssport by R. Hacker and H.De Marees.)

These statements are in clear contrast to the well spread use of Winstrol in several sports disciplines. Winstrol is one of the favorite steroids in general, as confirmed by many positive doping cases. Stanozolol, for example, was one of the substances which enabled Ben Johnson to achieve his magic sprints. It also gave this exceptional athlete a distinctly visible gain in hard and defined quality muscles, possibly making quite a few bodybuilders envious. During the first doping tested professional bodybuilding championships, the Arnold’s Classic 1990, the winner, Shawn Ray, and the enormously massive Canadian pro, Nimrod King, tested positive on Winstrol (stanozolol), (FLEX, July 1990). The Track and Field World Championships 1993 in Stuttgart also brought two positive ”stanozolol cases” to light. To make a long story short: Winstrol is a very effective steroid when used correctly. It is important to distinguish between the two different forms of administration of stanozolol, since injectable Winstrol Depot is distinctly more effective than the oral Winstrol. Thus it is preferred by most athletes.

What is special about the injectable Winstrol Depot is that its substance is not, as is common in almost all steroids, dissolved in oil. It is dissolved in water. Although almost every steroid-experienced bodybuilder knows this difference, the practical application of this knowledge rarely occurs: the injection-free intervals of the compound Winstrol Depot must be distinctly shorter than with the other common steroids. Simplified, this means that Winstrol Depot 50mg/ ml must be injected much more frequently than the oil based steroids (e.g. Primobolan, Deca, Sustanon 250, etc.). The reason for this is the relative low half-life time of this steroid. Steroids dissolved in water must be injected at least every other day, and best results are observed at a daily injection of 50mg. The substance stanozolol is a precursor to the dihydrotestosterone and consequently, it prevents Winstrol Depot from aromatizing into estrogens with water retention occurring only rarely. Based on these characteristics the main application of Winstrol is clearly defined in bodybuilding: preparation for a competition. Together with a calorie-reduced diet which is rich in protein Winstrol Depot gives the muscles a continuously harder appearance. 

Winstrol Depot is usually not used as the only steroid during dieting since, based on its low androgenic component, it does not reliably protect the athlete from losing muscle tissue. The missing, pronounced, androgenic effect is often balanced by a combined intake with Tren. The combination of Winstrol Depot 50 mg/day and Finaject 30 mg/day, until a few years ago, was THE competition stack.

Depending on the athlete’s performance level, the athlete usually takes 50 mg Winstrol Depot every 1-2 days and Parabolan 100 mg/every 1-2 day. Although there is no scientific proof of a special combined action between Winstrol Depot and Parabolan, based on several practical examples, a synergetic effect seems likely. Other steroids which athletes successfully combine with Winstrol Depot during the preparation for a competition include Masteron, Equipoise, Halotestin, Oxandrolone, Testosterone propionate, Primobolan, and HGH.

Winstrol Depot, however, is not only especially suited during preparation for a competition but also in a gaining phase. Since it does not cause water retention rapid weight gains with Winstrol Depot are rare. However, a solid muscle gain and an over-proportionally strong strength increase occur, usually remaining after use of the compound is discontinued. Bodybuilders who want to build up strength and mass often combine Winstrol Depot with Dianabol, Anadrol 50, Testosterone, or Deca. With a stack of 100mg Anadrol 50/ day, 50mg Winstrol Depot/ ay, and 400\mg Deca/week the user slowly gets into the dosage range of ambitious competing athletes.

Older athletes and steroid novices can achieve good progress with either Winstrol Depot/Deca, or Winstrol Depot/Primobolan Depot. This is quite a harmless stack which normally does not lead to noticeable side effects. This leaves steroid novices with enough room for the ”harder” stuff which they do not yet need in this phase. Winstrol Depot is mainly an anabolic steroid with a moderate, androgenic effect which, however, can especially manifest itself in women dosing 50 mg/week and in men dosing higher quantities.

Problems in female athletes usually occur when a quantity of 50 mg is injected twice weekly. The effect of Winstrol Depot decreases considerably after a few days and thus an injection at least twice weekly is justified. However, an undesired accumulation of androgens in the female organism can occur, resulting in masculinization symptoms. Some deep female voices certainly originated with the intake of Winstrol Depot. However, a dose of 50 mg Winstrol Depot every second day in ambitious female athletes is the rule rather than the exception.

Other non-androgenic side effects can occur in men as well as in women, manifesting themselves in headaches, cramps, changes in the HDL and LDL values, and in rare cases, in high blood pressure. Possible liver damage can be estimated as very low when Winstrol is injected; however, in large doses an elevation in the liver values is possible. Since Winstrol Depot is dissolved in water the injections are usually more uncomfortable or more painful than is the case with oily solutions.

When injected daily Winstrol Depot can become a very expensive compound. It also has the disadvantage that, because of the frequent injections, the already mentioned scar tissue will develop in the gluteal region (buttocks) which leads many athletes to inject Winstrol in their shoulders, arms, legs or even calves.

Winstrol Depotl by Nomad 100mgs/ml/20ml
Stanazol by Nomad 100mgs/ml/20ml
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Stanazol by RWR 50mg/ml/20ml
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Stanabolic by Illium 50mg/ml/20ml