Training Articles

Training Articles

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Articles relating to Trianings. The focus is on Training for bodybuilding. It also includes articles that look at stretching, cardio and other training consideration. We also have articles relating to Growth hormone and PeptidesDiets, Steroids and General Articles related to fitness.

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Hamstring stretching for muscle growth Fascia Stretching for Muscle Growth
Fascia stretching deals with the is the thin, cellophane-like, connective tissue that surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, and nerves.
Great BUttThe Butt Muscle You’re Missing – by Lee Boyce
Strengthen this part of your glutes and you’ll improve your squats and deadlifts. You might even relieve some lower back pain.
Doing dips correctlyDoing Dips Correctly by Dr Joel Seedman PHD
Here’s what you need to know…and you’ll be doing dips correctly
Truth about Trainers
The Question: What do most people NOT know about personal training or coaching?
Christian Thibaudeau – Strength Coach and Performance Expert

calvesFreaky Strong Calves
Advanced Calf Training for Bodybuilders & Athletes
Free Weights vs. Machines - by Christian Thibaudeau
The Best Tools For Strength & Muscle Are free weights superior to machines, equal, or inferior?
28 Days of Gains A Realistic Case Study by TJ Kuster
You’ve probably heard of the Colorado Experiment where Casey Viator gained about 63 pounds of muscle in just 28 days. That equals an increase of 2.26 pounds of muscle per day.
3D Sets for Chest Development by David Otey
Bench, Flyes, Dips. These are the bread and butter of most chest workouts. But hammering away at the same exercises can make you plateau. Luckily, building your pecs can be as simple to understand.
Drop sets Increase your intensity with Drop Sets
The use of drop-sets is a long time tried and tested method for increasing intensity and get some deeper muscle stimulation. It works especially well if you don’t have a spotting partner making it hard do get that last one or two reps to failure done.
Being in shape Being in shape is a reaction and not a state - by Phil D
In Shape.Many people think that you get into shape and your body stays in shape. The common understanding is that you have to train to get into shape and stay in shape but in practice this does not happen.
Mind Muscle Connection - by Phil D
The brain controls your muscular action through a series of neuro-muscular connections. For anybody doing exercise this is very important because it determines the quality of the actual motion you are performing. This forms part the quality of the stimulation.
Training Form Basics
The importance of training form. Form and speed of movement goes hand in hand. Bad form leads to the wrong muscles being stimulated and this makes for less effective workouts and poor results.
Biceps Training Tips
Biceps are small muscle in the big scheme of things and easily isolated and yet many people struggle to grow them. They are also a great muscle group to learn and apply some resistance training principles to.
pecs-mark-dugdale Surviving a pectoral tear
In 2006 while entering my second year of competing in the IFBB Pro League, and within a week of filming my first DVD, Driven, I felt what can only be described as a zipper-like sensation in my right quad.

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