Steroids solidify

steroids solidify
Oil based steroids have a tendency to form a gel when exposed to very low temperature like airplane cargo holds. I’m not exactly sure why this happens but there is a simple remedy if your steroids solidify.

Firstly it is important not to confuse the issue of separation and congealing. Separation is where salmi crystals form as the solvent cannot keep the active in solution. Temperature can also affect this but it is mainly a formulation issue. Congealing is where the contents of the vials turns into a gel that looks like wax. This has happened to numerous compound but depotrone has been the most common one.

You can apply the remedy to both, but separation is rare and usually means a formulation problem.


Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add your congealed vail and boil for 2 minutes. Remove carefully because it is hot and allow it to cool overnight. Problem solved. Use as normal.

Last point. Don’t keep your oil based steroid in the fridge, there is not reason to and it makes the oil thicker and harder to inject. Keep it at room temperature.