Differences in steroid manufacturing

steroid manufacturing

There are two main ways in which steroid manufacturing is done. One is according to pharmaceutical standards and the other is bulk blending.

I’ll try and explain the differences and their implications on quality and price.

The process of manufacturing to pharmaceutical standards goes something like this;

First there is formulation that is done by a chemist. This cost money because the process burns amounts of raw materials and it takes skill. Preservatives, different oils and raw materials are tested and formulated. Stability testing also takes place here. This procedure basically gives the specifications of what the end product should be.

The next step is procurement of pharmaceutical grade raw materials. These comes with proper paperwork for quality and tracking batches. The paper trail is there so any problems can be traced back to each component. Next comes the production line. The factory is firstly sterilized and pumped full of clean air to create what is called a positive pressure environment. This stops any airborne contaminates from getting into the factory. You can imagine the cost involved. From here the production lines are cleaned until they are 100% sterile. Then the mixing process starts. First a batch is made and then tested to see if it conforms to the standards set and that the vials are filled with the exact amounts and contain the exact ratios and the exact active ingredient. This is performed every time a batch is made. It uses up raw materials that are expensive. Again you can see the cost implication.

Once the production line is calibrated, the vials and caps are sterilized and these are then filled, labeled, batch stamped and batch tested. The end product is the exact composition specified. That is what you pay for. Every vail has the same composition and amount specified, consistently.

Bulk blending is used for black-market steroids where a manufacturer simply makes bulk batches and then sells it to various “brands” at the cheapest possible price. There are many of them. Here the process is simple and cheap. Weigh out raw materials in the ration required and throw them in a blender. Basically the cost of manufacturing to pharmaceutical stands described above is cut out. Out comes the solution. This packed as bulk and shipped. The brands then decanted it into vials themselves or the manufacture does it for them. There is not record keeping, no testing and labels are simply stuck on containing fabricated batch numbers and info. This is done in backyards or garages or where ever there is space.

The end result is that you get a vail with oil and the active but what the ratio really is and the amounts are is anybodies guess. Furthermore you have no idea how these vary between batches. The vail you buy today will be different than the one you buy next month. There is no control so there is no consistency. The manufacturing procedure simply doesn’t allow for it.These steroids work but there is a big quality difference as you can plainly see from the two methods of manufacture.

Telling the difference is hard because there is an inherent amount of bullshit that goes with the bulk manufactured steroids. Usually bad mouthing the more expensive quality steroids to convince people to buy the cheaper versions.

The lower prices also seems attractive to buyers that does not have the means or experience to really tell theses steroids apart or tell their effects apart. The average person can’t tell the effects of sustanon apart from test cypionate for instance. Often cheaper blends are substituted and sold as specialized blends. Putting 10% less of the active in the solution may not make that big a difference to the end user but it increases the profit for the blenders. With bulk steroids everything is driven by manufacturing as cheap as possible and many corners are cut.

Another problem is that labels are copied so it looks like the real thing and cost as much but is is actually low quality counterfeits. I don’t have to tell you how good the Chinese are at doing just that. In the end there are two choices, cheap and nasty or quality but more expensive.