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Articles on: General Information, Diet and Training, Growth Hormones and Steroids. As people ask questions the collection of articles will regularly be added to. If you have any questions that is not covered feel free to contact us via our Contact Us Page and we will gladly answer your questions.

It is important to ask questions. Like minded people can then be share in the created articles. More information means everybody benefits gains.

General Articles
General articles that hold interesting facts and ideas. Alternative views and news in the industry.
Steroid Articles
All things steroids and performance. Numerous ideas of use, combinations and countering side effects. Opinions from people who have used different steroids.
Growth Hormone and Peptide Articles
Growth Hormone and Peptides cover a wide field of users. Not only are they part of the bodybuilders arsenal on the one side but equally used by people looking to stop the aging clock on the other side.
Diet Articles
Diets are often neglected as people focus on steroids and training. Diets are complex and highly individual. Some ideas to help you understand and navigate all the info out there.
Doing dips correctly Training Articles
Training is arguably the most fun part of bodybuilding and mixing up your training concepts and workout routines has shown increased results. Here are some training ideas and concepts to look into.