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Steroid Articles

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Articles relating to the use of Steroid and related substances. The focus is on Steroid types and uses in bodybuilding. It also includes substances used with steroids. Included is different Steroid Cycles and Post Cycle Treatment cycles. We also have articles relating to Growth hormone and PeptidesDietsTraining and General Articles related to fitness.

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Ciccone Free Base Testosterone
Free Base Testosterone is in stock at long last.
We had great difficulty formulating it with the
finest of API (active pharmaceutical ingredient)
for easy administration. Using a 21 gauge needle
while ensuring the needle does not clog.
What is quality really?
Quality steroid manufacturing. Because of so many questions I get about quality of products, I wrote this piece for people to get an understanding of the problems and fact are regarding steroids and quality.

Expiry Dates
About expiry dates. If you have used steroids for a long time, you will have come across products with expired dates on them. This always creates a dilemma for users. Some info on this situation.

Designer steroids are a myth.
After listening to a radio program discussing performance enhancing drugs and athletes I realized that many laymen are under the impression that athletes have designer steroids made up for them that the drug test cannot detect. This got me thinking.

Steroids solidify.
Oil based steroids have a tendency to form a gel when exposed to very low temperature like airplane cargo holds. I’m not exactly sure why this happens but there is a simple remedy if your steroids solidify.

Steroid cycles – The 2 Routes.
Due to all the question I have been getting on steroid cycles, I thought it would help to clarify the two schools of thought when it comes to steroid cycles.

Post Cycle Revisited.
During a discussion with someone on PCT I thought of some things that may affect when you start your PCT. Traditionally it happens one the cycle ends.

Differences in steroid manufacturing
There are two main ways in which steroid manufacturing is done. One is according to pharmaceutical standards and the other is bulk blending.
I’ll try and explain the differences and their implications on quality and price.

High Milligram Testosterone Injection
JOHN LESLIE TIP ON BODYBUILDING AND TRAINING – High milligram testosterone injection: I have bodybuilders ask me on regular basis what to do so that their high milligram testosterone injection (Test Combo 300mg, 450mg and Nomaviron 300mg) won’t hurt as much?

First time on Steroids use
First time steroid use. The question I get from guys that want to take steroids for the first time is what to take. The most common advice from everybody out there is to take a stack like Cypionate, Deca and D-bol.