South-African GH article


By Ciccone Pharma

What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and how popular is it?

Growth hormone is responsible for our growth as a child. It is also responsible for repairing
tissue during the entire duration of our life. The problem with our natural growth hormone
levels is that it decreases as we get older and so does its ability to regenerate human tissue.

This includes muscle tissue but does not exclude many other tissues like bone, skin and organs.
At the age of 30 our growth hormone levels are 20% of what it was when we were for example
14 years old. This 20% base level decreases by 10% to 12% every decade.

The 20% growth hormone we have left at age 30 is already not enough to repair any of the
human tissue in our bodies that gets damaged by the ageing process. So at age 30 we are
already at a huge disadvantage. Not to mention age 40 or 50 and older. Administering growth
hormone in other words fights the ageing process.

This concept is however very misunderstood and I want to clear this. Growth hormone does
not affect the root cause of ageing and you will not necessarily live longer if you take
growth hormone but it does in no 
uncertain terms affect the manifestations of ageing. For older
people (around 60 plus) who 
start taking growth hormone the manifestations of ageing in the
form of decrease in muscle tone and bone density can be reversed by as much as 5 to 15 years.
You might not live longer but you will look and feel better while living.

The muscle building effects of growth hormone is undisputed and its anti ageing properties
makes it a double whammy for popularity. These days everyone takes growth hormone.
While everyone wondered how Sylvester Stallone looked the way he did at age 69 it became
very evident when he got caught with growth hormone in his bags entering Australia. This
was no deterrent to anyone. Old and young jumped on the bandwagon and everyone started
using growth hormone. It is now a household name and ladies discuss its benefits at tea
parties while bodybuilders discuss the best versions in the gym between sets.

Is an inhale-able form of HGH an effective substitute for the injectable form?

On the Internet you will find thousands of advertisements selling everything from growth
hormone tablets to growth hormone sprays. The short answer to this question is very simple.

Most of these products are fraudulent and makes claims that are impossible. Firstly the
growth hormone molecule is far too large to be absorbed through the membranes in the mouth.
Maybe these people might then claim that it gets absorbed through the 
stomach. This is again
a fallacy because the growth hormone molecule will be destroyed in 
the digestive tract way
before it has the slightest chance to get absorbed in the blood stream where it belongs.

The technology to make inhale-able growth hormone was initially seen on the market in the
form of inhale-able insulin. It was on the market for a short while. The technology to develop a
growth hormone that gets absorbed through the membranes of the mouth and nose is
potentially worth billions of dollars. This technology will be put to work in a scheduled and
very expensive product by one of the big corporates and will never be sold as a cheap over
the counter medicine if the development is successful one day.

Genetech spent about $4 million on this technology between 1986 and 1989 but decided
not to spend additional money 
to take the concept to the market. So the chance of seeing
an inhale-able growth hormone very soon is very unlikely although possible. The technology
for an inhale-able growth hormone is 
extremely difficult and not a small task. Once it is done
it won’t be sold on the Internet as a 
$20 spray.

My all time favorite scam was last year when a lady told me she prefers the growth hormone
tablets to the growth hormone injectable because when she takes them she can feel them
working immediately. I was horribly confused and asked her if I can try one of these growth
hormone tablets. My heart started racing and my body temperature picked up. I have been in
the business a very long time and I knew immediately that this was not growth hormone but
rather a thermogenic of sorts sold with a growth hormone label. If I had to guess I would have
said its clenbuterol hydrochloride or even sibutramine hydrochloride. This poor lady paid over
R2000 for her month supply of growth hormone.

The only oral form of growth hormone you can take is not growth hormone itself. It’s a
combination of L-arganine (10 grams to 30 grams) in the evenings before bedtime and L-glutamine
(2 grams) in the morning that increases natural secretion of growth hormone. These two
amino acids is very useful for naturally increasing the growth hormone levels but they very
rarely work for anyone over the age of 45. Giving a patient a large dose of L-arganine
is actually the standard test they do to see if the pituitary gland is able to release
growth hormone or in other words if the pituitary gland is healthy and functional. When taking
these amino acids for the purpose of increasing growth hormone levels you must not eat 2
hours before taking it and you should not eat for an hour after taking it.

Most of the growth hormone tablets and capsules and especially sprays that advertise to be
real growth hormone are scams and misinformation. The only way to elevate your growth
hormone levels sufficiently and effectively is by injection and there is no other way.

Do you inject HGH into the fat or the muscle and are there any
additional complication risks?

This question is often asked and the answer is very simple. If you inject it subcutaneous
(under the skin in the fat) it releases slowly and gradually into the blood stream and if you
inject it into the muscle it releases quickly. Over the years the preferred way seem to have
been under the skin around the naval in the stomach. There are no risks either way.

We have found that because all growth hormones get derived from the Ecoli virus some
individuals are very sensitive around the naval and the injection site tends to itch and swell up
as a side effect of the way growth hormone gets derived. When these sensitive individuals
move to injecting under the skin on the top of the thigh it usually resolves the issue.

Better quality growth hormones are less likely to cause irritation at the injection site than weaker
quality growth hormones. But that being said some individuals are so sensitive that even the
best quality growth hormones cause them to have a reaction.

What is the difference between HGH stimulators that allegedly help
the pituitary gland to 
release more HGH into your body and synthetic HGH?

This is a very interesting question and I am going to have to keep it short with a footnote in
the end. Growth Hormone releasing hormones (GHRH) are the hormones that stimulate the
pituitary gland to release the growth hormone. As we grow older our pituitary gland does not
deteriorate as much as what the amount of growth hormone releasing hormone declines. This
means that the pituitary gland stays in perfectly good condition well into our old age but the
GHRH decreases. Giving it a little push with products like Hexarelin, GHRP6 and CJC1295
could have great benefit.

Now the footnote. Please allow me to discuss this topic separately because it is definitely the
future of things to come and an excellent way to add more bang to your growth hormone
cycle for a very small amount of money. Combining these items to a growth hormone cycle
has huge advantages. But as I said this discussion would be long and is a super exciting topic
that needs an article on its own.

What is the ideal dose per day (IU – International Units) when using HGH?

Ideally if you are using a 99% pure growth hormone you will need 2IU per day for anti ageing
and for bodybuilding purposes you can increase it to 3IU and as much as 6IU (2IU in three
injections during the course of the day or 3IU twice a day). Some bodybuilders prefer taking a
97% or even a 95% growth hormone because it is cheap and therefore they have to take
more than 6IU per day. These athletes more often than not do not even understand why they
are taking more than the next guy and they hardly ever know the difference between the
different grades of growth hormone. They just up the dose instinctively until they see results.

If you take the 90% growth hormone you will end up having to increase the dose to about
20IU per day to get the same results as someone who takes 5IU of the 99% growth hormone.
The quality of growth you take is of utmost importance when deciding how many International
Units (IU) you going to take.

Very few bodybuilders know that when you buy growth hormone from the factories in China
they offer you different grades or percentage qualities of growth hormone. This is typically
what I get offered when I ask the factories in China to manufacture me a batch of growth
hormone. You will see below what I pay for growth hormone per grade.
You will also see what blood serum levels every quality of growth hormone gives you. These
blood serum levels are measured directly after injecting 1IU of every grade of growth hormone.

All is not equal when it comes to growth hormone!!!!!!!!!!!

Purity 99% 10 iu blood serum reached 25 ng/ml = usd140
Purity 97% 10 iu blood serum reached 18 ng/ml =usd 120
Purity 95% 10 iu blood serum reached 13 ng/ml =usd 100
Purity 90% 10 iu blood serum reached 1-9 ng/ml =usd 60

The prices of the growth hormones above exclude packaging and shipping. This is my bottom
line cost for the growth hormone ingredient before it gets bottled and packaged.

Attached is a patient’s blood test result with elevated blood serum levels of 18.2 ng/ml.

What are the main benefits for a bodybuilder when you inject HGH?

Bodybuilders have found huge benefit in taking growth hormone. Anabolic steroids increase
the size of the muscle cells. Growth hormone increases the amount of muscle cells. Growth
hormone also undeniably keeps the body fat low. Any athlete who competes against an
athlete who has been following a growth hormone regime will have great difficulty to compete.

The athlete who takes growth hormone will have a totally different look with leaner denser
muscle and paper-thin skin providing both athletes followed their diets and their body fat is

How popular is HGH in SA and what quantities do you sell locally?

The first time we brought growth hormone to South Africa was in 1999 and it was 20 boxes of
Jintropin from GenSci Labs. It took forever to sell and most athletes were uneducated about
its effects. Now I have to manufacture 1000 boxes of growth hormone per batch under my
own brand and I cannot bring enough of it. I am always sold out. My growth hormone
measures 99.9888%. I am not the cheapest on the market but for us it is about quality before

Is the chronic elevation of IGF-1 (insulin-like Growth factor 1)
related to the anabolic effects of 
HGH to increase power and size?

Growth hormone typically stays in the blood for a very short period after administration. IGF
on the other hand is a marker for Growth Hormone and has a fairly long lifespan in the blood.
Most of your growth hormone is used by your body to manufacture IGF. IGF is usually what
the doctor test for to see if your growth hormone levels are low or high.

Increasing your growth hormone levels by injecting growth will automatically increase your
IGF levels. Scientists have identified that many of the benefits that bodybuilders seek from
growth hormone is actually the result of the IGF that gets produced by the body from
converting your growth hormone. In other words growth hormone has many different
characteristics and effects on the body but the muscle building effects and fat burning effects
is largely but not exclusively because of the IGF part the growth hormone.

Recent research suggests HGH’s involvement in the metabolism
of body fat and its  
conversion to energy sources. What is your opinion?

Growth hormone is not a quick fix or magic potion that makes fat disappear. This being said it
has shown remarkable results in keeping the body fat low when you follow a healthy diet and
a good training regime.

You do not see the results of growth hormone over a short term but once you use growth for
two to three months it really starts showing its ability to keep the unwanted fat away. I find
that once I am in shape and my body fat is around 7% to 10% I manage to keep it low even
when I cheat on my diet. Growth hormone helps to maintain a low body fat percentage with
greater ease. As soon as I stop the growth hormone the body fat increases quickly and I
cannot get away with eating any cheat meals.

There are many clinical trials that support my personal experience and thousands of athletes
all over the world that will agree with my assessment of growth hormone and low body fat.

Is HGH in your body undetectable in drug tests?

WADA has two tests for detecting growth hormone. One is the hGH Biomarkers Test and
the other is the Isoform Differential Immunoassays (the Isoforms Test). If I recall correctly
both these tests require blood samples and both these tests are not very effective if you
have not taken growth hormone within a day or two from taking the test. As far as I know
only two people have ever been caught and banned for taking growth hormone.

This is avery small amount of people considering every athlete on this planet probably takes
growth hormone. In other words growth hormone is probably the most commonly used
banned substance amongst professional athletes because although detection is possible
it is very difficult.

How expensive is HGH?

The price of growth hormone on the South African market depends on the quality of growth
hormone you purchase. Below are rough guidelines of what you might pay for a box of 100IU
growth hormone ——

  90% pure growth hormone R1300 to R1800

  95% pure growth hormone R1800 to R2300

  97% pure growth hormone R2300 to R2800

  99% pure growth hormone R2500 to R3000

Do not be fooled by what the growth hormone packaging says. If your growth hormone says
99% on the box but it is cheap you are probably getting a 90% quality. It is more likely
packaged as 99% grade to increase sales and profit margins.

What can readers look out for when they want to purchase
HGH and not a counterfeit 
version of it?

In South Africa the biggest problem is a lack of education and therefore the athletes are
getting exploited. There are guys bringing in 90% growth hormone ampules, making the packaging and box
locally and printing 99% quality on the the packaging to be able to sell it while it is 90%. The
difference in price between a 90% growth and a 99% is double. The difference in
effectiveness between a 90% and a 99% is about four fold.

Make sure to look for the following –

  Make sure the growth hormone you are buying is from a reputable source that has
been in the industry for many years and not a new supplier.

  Make sure the growth hormone you are buying has a web site with a section where
you can verify the authenticity of your product by punching in a verification code.

  Make sure the verification codes on the product check out on the web site. Many
unscrupulous dealers copy big brands so well that you cannot see the difference.
When you punch the verification numbers from the stickers on the product into the
web site it does not check out . This should raise huge alarm bells.

  If you pay under R2000 for growth hormone in South Africa you must know for sure
that it is not the best quality growth hormone. It might not be fake but its definitely not
A-grade. There is no way at the rate of exchange currently that you will buy 99% pure
growth hormone for under R2000. If the packaging says its 99% but it costs R1800
you can be sure of the fact that someone is trying to deceive you.

One practical way to see if growth hormone is working is if your hands start hurting.
When you get pins and needles in your hands and fingers and you wake up at night
with your hands feeling like they have no blood supply it means you are taking an
effective form of growth hormone. One of the side effects of growth hormone is carpal
tunnel syndrome. Not everyone gets this but if you do get carpal tunnel you know the
growth hormone is legit.

The biggest problem is athletes generally do not know what to expect from real good
quality growth hormone. The pro bodybuilders know and it is very hard to deceive
them but someone who is new to the sport expect huge gains from growth because
the name of the substance is “growth hormone” without understanding the exact
characteristic of this substance.

  If the water you are receiving with the growth hormone has a cap on that does not
have the company insignia, while the growth ampules in the box does you can be
sure that the ampules are imported but the water to mix it with and the packaging is
made locally.

  Compare the water ampules you get with local manufactured ampules called “sterile
water for injection” If the water ampules are locally manufactured then you know it’s
not a good quality growth. Your best quality growth hormones come with special
bacteriostatic water that is not the same as water for injection.  This bacteriostatic
water preserves the growth hormone when constituted. Bacteriostatic water also
helps with a less painful injection.

  There are not as many fake growth hormones on the market as suppliers supplying
an inferior product in the packaging of a higher-grade product. This increases the
profit margins of the dealers substantially and they hardly ever get exposed because
the athletes still get results but not the results they paid for.

Is HGH use in conjunction with anabolic steroids the most
effective form of administration?

Taking anabolics with growth hormone is not necessary at all. It depends on what your goal
and objective is.

*If you are a bodybuilde r and you want to put on dense muscle and thickness with low body
fat and paper-thin skin then taking a combination of growth hormone with your anabolics is
necessary. This way the anabolics will make your muscle cells bigger while the growth
hormone will make the muscle cells more building detailed muscle that makes a difference on
competition day.

*Alternatively you might be a professional  sprinter or athlete  that gets tested regularly and
you just want to take growth hormone off-season for that extra boost while testing clean in

*Female athletes  prefer taking growth hormone to any other hormones because it does not
have any of the side effects your androgenic hormones like anabolic steroids have. Female
athletes also love the elastic thin and smooth skin growth hormone gives you.

*Then lastly male and female athletes over the age of 30 and 40 years old take growth
hormone without any anabolics just to stop the manifestation of the ageing process .

How long does HGH have to exert its anabolic effects?

Growth hormone works over a very long period and this is sometimes where the athletes
misunderstand the substance. Usually the longer you stay on growth hormone the more you
find benefit.

I have seen many athletes take growth hormone for a couple of months and then decides its
not working and stop. As soon as they stop their physique starts regressing and the profound
effect of the hormone becomes evident. In other words the effects of growth hormone is not
as instant and drastic as anabolic steroids but over a long period it is very noticeable.

Many competitive athletes who only use anabolics and then add growth hormone compete at
the same weight they have been before but their condition looks totally different. They have a
thickness and density that anabolics could never give them. They will have separation on
their legs and glutes they never had before. This is the very subtle effect but very profound at
the same time.

Even the way your skin glows on growth makes the muscles appear fuller and denser. Once
you train with growth you will never want to train without it if you understand the way it works.
These advantages will only be seen if you get a good quality growth hormone and not 90%
quality. I am sure many athletes never see the potential of growth hormone because they
never get their hands on a good quality product. The market is flooded with inferior quality
growth hormones at cheap prices.

Do bodybuilders administer HGH in conjunction with insulin?
How does it work?

In the earlier days we knew that there was a link between growth hormone and insulin but we
were not educated enough to understand it. Over time we learnt that insulin is a massive
contributing factor to building muscle but we still did not understand the relationship between
insulin and growth hormone.

Over time we learnt without a doubt that insulin is an antagonist to growth hormone. The
insulin hormone destroys the growth hormone and insulin is too strong to exist in the blood
stream alongside growth hormone. When you take your growth hormone it is also very
important to take it not within two hours after you have eaten a meal and once you have
taken your growth hormone you must not eat for an hour.  The reason for this is also
insulin related. As soon as you eat a meal your insulin spikes and this causes your growth
hormone to be less effective or be destroyed by the insulin.

The relationship between insulin and growth does exist but it is not a very favorable one. It’s
important to try and keep your growth hormone as far as possible away from any insulin

How does HGH compare to other anabolic drugs in terms of
health problems if used 

Taking into consideration all the substances on the market to change and better our
physiques growth hormone is probably the one with the least side effects. If compared to
anabolic steroids it is very low in side effects with the worst of the side effects seen being
carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition of the hands and fingers caused by
compression of a major nerve where it passes over the carpal bones through a passage at
the front of the wrist. Usually when you lower the dose of growth hormone the condition gets
better. Increasing the dose of growth slowly should keep the syndrome at bay. In rare cases
the condition becomes so intense that surgery is required.

Is any special form of detoxification needed post cycle when using HGH?

No PCT (post cycle treatment) is necessary when you stop taking growth hormone.

What are the different brands of HGH?

The two pharma brands on the South African market is


The black market versions on the market is

  Cicconatropin Ciccone Pharma
  Nomatropin Nomad Labs

Last month we spoke about anabolic brands that gets
manufactured in back rooms and kitchens in South Africa.
Growth hormone is one of those pharmaceuticals that cannot be

manufactured in the country or back yard. Every brand that is
on the market is imported. 
Would you regard it as one of the
safest hormones to administer?

From all the hormones growth hormone is by far the safest hormone to administer

We heard doctors and personal trainers say that growth hormone
can aggravate cancer if it is 
underlying in a patient. Is this true?

The definition of an urban legend is a modern myth. A frightening untrue story in which the
storyteller insists is true, but has no evidence to back up. Also, it never happened to the
storyteller but someone removed from them.

What makes this urban legend even more shocking and believable is the fact that even
medical professionals spread it and spoke about it as if it was true. They usually tell this story
as a deterrent to their patients who wants to take growth hormone. This is very unethical in
itself and doctors should not spread such information unless they have grounds to do so.

Doctors can do research before making these statements. You can do this research yourself
and you can school your doctor by reading published scientific studies starting at the PubMed
gateway on the internet to the National Library of Medicine

A 2003 a study was done and was featured in a special issue of “The Endocrinologist” the
newsletter of the Society of Endocrinology. In this article they mentioned a study involving
40000 patient-years of data owned by Pfizer that was studied in depth. The study was first
called the KIMS (Kabi International Metabolic Study) but now it is called the Pfizer
International Metabolic Database. The database was information accumulated on the use of
Genotropin. The findings of this study read, “It has confirmed, thus far, GH replacement is not
associated with an increased risk of de novo neoplasia or diabetes”. What this means in
understandable terms is no new tumors were found.

In other words the 40000 patient-years of data showed no evidence that growth hormone
replacement caused any increase in cancer tumors or diabetes. After this study there is
nothing that is found that states otherwise. The KIMS study has since 2003 accumulated
60000 patient-years of study from 14000 patients in 31 countries. With sophisticated quality of
life measurements all the study showed further is that growth hormone supplementation
produced a dramatic increase in quality of life in adults who were growth hormone deficient.

There is no larger group of growth hormone deficient people than every single person over
the age of 40 years old and this we know as fact. Not to mention people over the age of 50 or
60 years of age.

Eli Lilly also did a similar study that you can find on the Internet called HypoCCS where they
used Humatrope. This study was sponsored by Eli Lilly and although much smaller than the

Pfizer study they accumulated 10000 patient-years of data. This study also found no evidence
of new cancer tumors or any type of cancer or other significant health problems.


The purity of growth hormone is of utmost importance because the more pure
the growth hormone the better its effectiveness. If you purchase a 100 IU (International Units)
of 90% pure growth hormone for $80 (selling in South Africa for between R1300 and R1800)
and you inject 1 IU the result is an elevation of the growth hormone levels in
your blood (blood serum) to between 1 nanogram and 9 nanogram per millilitre of blood tested.

If you purchase a 100 IU (International Units) of 95% pure growth hormone for $100 (selling in South
Africa for between R1800 to R2300) and you inject 1 IU the result is an elevation of the growth hormone
levels in your blood (blood serum) to 13 nanograms per millilitre of blood tested.

If you purchase a 100 IU (International Units) of 97% pure growth hormone for $120 (selling in South
Africa for between R2300 to R2800) and you inject 1 IU the result is an elevation of the growth hormone
levels in your blood (blood serum) to 18 nanograms per millilitre of blood tested.

If you purchase a 100 IU (International Units) of 99% pure growth hormone for $140 (selling in South
Africa for between R2500 and R3000) and you inject 1 IU the result is an elevation of the growth hormone
levels in your blood (blood serum) to 25 nanograms per millilitre of blood tested.

In conclusion if you buy 99% pure growth hormone you will pay double than what you would pay for 90% pure
growth hormone but the effectiveness will be three to four times better on a 99% than what you would get on
90%. In other words if you have a good quality growth hormone it will work you out cheaper because you will
only need about 3IU per day where the 90% quality growth would require 9IU to 12IU per day to get the same