Quality Steroid Manufacturing. What is quality really?

Quality manufacturingQuality steroid manufacturing. Because I get so many questions about quality of products. I wrote this piece for people to get an understanding of the problems and fact are regarding steroids and quality.

Traditional Manufacturing

Let us first look at how traditional pharmaceuticals are made in a proper lab. The hygiene issue aside. Firstly there is a chemist that creates a formulation of active and other ingredients all with a specific function. This formulation is blended in rations by the machine. To do this the actual ingredients and these gets run and tested. This goes on until the on site lab verifies that the ration and formulations are spot on. The the bottling component get set up to produce a final product with exact the quantity in the vials.

In addition, manufacturing with this practice also ensures we can look at the expiry date and use it correctly. Firstly to see when the product expires. Secondly in bodybuilding circles how much leeway we have after the expiry date.

Underground Manufacturing

If we compare this process to your typical underground lab you’ll see the difference. Firstly, 1 to 5 liters of solution is made by some underground lab in China in one go. Simply by taking solvents and oil and adding active ingredients to it. Because we are dealing with the final product in milligrams you can see right away how crazy that is. You’ll never get the ratios even close. This bulk solution is then shipped to SA. Here the guys use standard off the shelf equipment in the garage. They decant the solution and fill up vials that are then hand crimped. Beside hygiene you can appreciate how far out the product is by this stage.

Then labels get stuck on that where printed who knows when and where. Off it goes to you, the consumer. You are now going to inject this solution and hope for the best.

What are you injecting?

Then there is the question of what you are injecting. What bothers me is that some guys tell me they got great results for an oil based winstrol. The chemists in China tell me that making an oil based winstrol is close to impossible. That is also the reason why the real pharmaceutical companies never made it. The guys are not lying, they get results, but what exactly was in the winstrol they used? We can safely say that the chances of it being real winstrol is very slim. Unless you are a very seasoned user you won’t tell the difference. May that way seasoned users don’t use cheap backyard steroids.

Take the same example and extrapolate it to the testosterones. How do you know that the Enanthate you paid for is not just cheap old cypionate and so on. There are very few properly manufactured brands available in South Africa. For every one properly made brand there are 10 backyard steroid brands. Think carefully and do research before you get caught!