Post Cycle Revisited

The Post Cycle.

During a discussion with someone on PCT I thought of some things that may affect when you start your PCT. Traditionally it happens one the cycle ends. This got me thinking about the actual state of body chemistry at this point.

It depends on what you took during the cycle. The amount of time needed before your testosterone level drops after a cycle will vary. What made me stop and think is that there is a delay in the flip-over. From not producing any testosterone to when the body begins to rectify the situation. Most people start the PCT in the hope that the inevitable crash in l and size does not take place. The reality is that the crash will take place. This will happen even if your bodies own test production has not shut down. You are still going from an artificially high test level back to a normal level. The associated crash in  strength and size will happen.

When to start

So thats a given, you are going to go through an downward adjustment no matter what you do. Muscle memory is a result of the muscle cell wall stretching. This will able you  to train your way back to almost the size you had. But not the same strength and hardness. One of the side effects of low testosterone is self confidence.  Coupled with the loss in strength and size is probably the biggest hurdle you have to overcome post cycle.

When is the best time to start the PCT? I asked myself that question. Essentially the PCT will cause a rise in testosterone in the body. If this takes place before the body has registered a low level of testosterone. It then starts kicking its own system back into gear. Now you run a very real risk that the produced test will convert to estrogen. That is because the body is still in that mode.

If you have done a cycle without PCT you’ll no doubt be aware of the the following. It takes quite a long time for the body to make this transition. Conversely, you can observe this delay when you start your steroid cycle. It takes a number of weeks before your body actually starts reacting to the artificially high test level. So it stands to reason that holding off on the PCT will give you better results. By supporting the natural transition. While not aggravating the conversion to estrogen state that may exist for a number of weeks post cycle.

Devil’s Advocate

Let me play devil’s advocate. Let’s say get the body to produce its own testosterone post cycle. The low level of testosterone will cause the body not to convert the test into estrogen during this phase. That’s the traditional thinking anyway. But there is another factor that affects this. How much test does the PCT produce and for how long.

Compared the level of test you are coming from while on cycle. The PCT does not produce much in comparison. While only for a relatively short period of time. Even if the PCT stretches over a three week period. The problem is course the pregnyl or HCG component of the PCT. HCG can cause a permanent negative feedback in the body. It use that receptively of in cycle closer than 3-6 months apart. This leaves the clomid component of the PCT that may present a longer term usage option.

Sample PCT cycle.