Norditropin vs Nomatropin

Norditropin vs nomatropin

GH Comparison

Norditropin is a locally based GH that comes in a “injection pen” format. By turning the dial on the pen it “clicks” to correspond to a certain amount of GH to be injected. Genotropin pioneered this technology and had a sophisticated digital pen.This pen was very expensive but re-usable. The cost meant it never really took off. Many people are under the impression that the best alternative to use locally, is Norditropin. It’s not. There is only one benefit of using Norditropin and that is the convenience of the injection pen. This however has a drawback as well.

Firstly some perspective. Norditropin was designed for treatment of medial conditions, not rejuvenation or performance enhancing. The actual dosing on the pen is ridiculously low for this use. You have to click it more times that you can keep track of to get any meaningful dose out of it.

Then there is the questions about it’s stability due to the fact that it is mixed. This can reduce it efficacy over time because GH is no stable for long periods of time in solution, even with preservatives. This is why Genetropin made 16IU cartridges for their pen that only mixed when inserted.


The initial cost of Norditropin seem much lower than other options on the market. Around R1800, provided you are getting the highest dose version – 15mgs. But this equates back to around 40IUs in total. The going rate for Nomatropin is R2700-R3000, but this is for 100IUs, which makes Norditropin almost double the price. Considering the long cycles on GH this becomes very expensive. The availability of Kefei GH on the market also confuses people. The going rate is also around R1800 for 100IUs so it seems well positioned. There is only one problem with GH from Kefei, it’s FAKE. Sorry guys you all water your money.

The best GH available on the South-African market, is Nomatropin. For many reasons. It is the only GH that remains stable at 40 degrees Celsius for 45 days if unmixed. The format is 10x10IU vials and 10 solvent ampoules which means you don’t have to mix up everything in one go. This format is going to change to 10x10IU vials with a single vial of bacteriostatic water which will increase the mixed solutions stability to 2 weeks.

Then there is the quality issue. To date, there has been only on independent GH test done locally on any of the “black market GH brands” and that was on Nomatropin. It passed with flying colors. So you know for a fact what you are getting.

In closing

One final warning – in 2010, GH brand out of China exploded, over 100 new brands. A survey of these brands coming out of the far east showed that 90% if them where fake. They have faked every legit brand from Jintropin to Humatrope. In SA today, your chances of buying a fake brand of GH is 80%. This has boosted Norditropin popularity and that is understandable. So I’m partial to Nomatropin but I’m not bias, the facts speaks for themselves.