Methandriol. Active: Methylandrostenediol

Methandriol was a popular steroid in the U.S. during the early 1980’s and was used until a few years ago when it was taken off the market. It was a water-dissolved injectable compound which was available only in a strength of 50 mg/ml. Powerlifters and competing bodybuilders appreciated the strong androgenic effect and the extremely low half-life time. Since Methandriol was dissolved in water, daily injections were necessary. It had the advantage of not causing water retention and this, combined with the distinct androgenic component, allowed powerlifters a large strength gain without increasing the body weight, thus helping them obtain good muscle hardness and density. Since Methandriol was quickly effective after the injection some powerlifters used it as a ”booster” before a work-out or a competition to increase their aggressiveness.

This steroid was usually taken only briefly, normally for 2-4 weeks, in a daily dose of 50 mg. Since the water-dissolved Methandriol was difficult to detect in doping tests, hammerthrowers, shotputters, javelin throwers, and sprinters were among its users. Women took it only rarely due to the possible masculinizing symptoms.

Methadriol has not been availible for many years but has come back on the scene in the last year making it an option once again.