Lida testimonial

Lida Testimonial. Lida, not your usual fat burner.

A new fat burner hits the SA market called Lida. Here is a testimonial:

“I have taken Lida every morning for 3 weeks and lost 15kg. It is totally different to other fat burners. It does not your heart race or make you feel hot. In other words it is not a thermogenic and does not make you buzz like other fat burners. It changes the way you think about food. It takes away your cravings for sweets, bread, cake and all the things that make you fat. You will only be able to eat salads, steamed veg, grilled chicken, steak and fish. Oily foods and carbs will make you feel sick and you just won’t be able to eat it. NB, what is very important is to drink water, not two or 5 glasses but 3 to 4 liters a day. The stuff makes you very thirsty and if you don’t drink huge amounts of water you will feel sick and get an unbearable headache. Also make sure you eat, if you don’t eat you will feel sick. The nice part is you will only be able to eat clean food.’

Lida is no longer availible under the brand name Lida but is availible under the brand name Sibutralean made by Ciccone.