John Leslie Clenbuterol tips

.John Leslie Clenbuterol tips

John Leslie Clenbuterol tips.

 Fellow bodybuilders everybody knows the great fat loss effect from clenbuterol.

The big problem most users have experienced that after a few weeks the clenbuterol doesn’t give you that same feeling/effect! The reason for this is that your Beta-2 agonist receptors(the receptors used in your body for clenbuterol) down regulates. This means  that you increase your clenbuterol dosage without effects.  This is because your receptors has down regulated (basically it means they are used to the clenbuterol.)


We have a little miracle product called Zaditen(Ketotifen) that opens and will keep open your Beta-2 agonist receptors.

This product really works well when you use it in combination with your clenbuterol. You can really feel that the clenbuterol works like it did when you first started using it! I have used it every year in preparing for bodybuilding shows with great results!

Normally one can use clenbuterol for 4-6 weeks. Longer and your body really wont feel it anymore. This due to receptor down regulation!

But with Zaditen I have used clenbuterol for 12-16 weeks on a contest/dieting stack with it working all the way. I never start using clenbuterol anymore without using Zaditen at the same time. Use 2mg Zaditen (ketotifen) per day taken at night. It does make you drowsy. Men can go up to 2 tabs(4mg) per day. Later on in the course if they use it for many weeks on end.

Keep it clean

I still recommend using your clenbuterol 2 days on and one day off. I recommend using Zaditen every day even if you don’t take clenbuterol on that day. This will ensure maximum receptor upgrade. In other words your receptors will be clean and open for maximum benefit and uptake from the clenbuterol use. 

Regards John Leslie – Supplement South Africa sponsored athlete and proud supporter of  Nomad Labs and Ciccone Pharma.

Hope these John Leslie Clenbuterol tips come in handy!