Important stats

Important stats. Some important statistics you need before starting a cycle or before you start anything to do with changing your body.

Your current bodyweight – always try and weigh yourself on the same scale with the same amount of clothing and no shoes. Preferably naked, at the same time of the month and the same time of day.

Body fat % – this is a tricky one. There are some rules – use the same test, by the same person, same time of day and month. The actual amount is not as important as being able to see the change in %.

Your height and body type – this helps determine realistic goals.

Your target weight and body fat %

Little black book – write down every exercise, rep and set you do, otherwise you will not be able to progress. Nobody can remember the exact reps and they did from one week to the next, you have to write it down. Besides training, write down exactly what you eat. Most people think they know but once you write things down a very different picture emerges.

These are key things you need to have in place if you are going to be successful at effecting a change in your body.