High Milligram Testosterone Injection – By John Leslie

High Milligram Testosterone Injections

JOHN LESLIE TIP ON BODYBUILDING AND TRAINING – High milligram testosterone injection:

I have bodybuilders ask me on regular basis what to do so that their high milligram testosterone injection (Test Combo 300mg, 450mg and Nomaviron 300mg) won’t hurt as much?

Instead of injecting your Test Combo 450mg Ciccone, Test Combo 300mg Nomad, Nomasus 250mg, Nomaviron 300mg or Test Prop 100mg on its own rather mix it with a base product. I personally like to use Nomad Fast acting Deca. But any anabolic base product like Deca300, Nomad Bold/Equipoise will work. During contest time I use products like  Masteron for this purpose. Masteron has so many other benefits even if you don’t compete. It really makes a difference. Masteron reduces the inflammation caused by the testosterone significantly. It also will not be as sore at the injection site. Both on the day or the day after you took the injection!

Another good rule of thumb is to draw your products up into one syringe and then to leave it to fuse (this means it becomes one product by means of all  the chemicals mixing or in other words fusing together, to get the chemicals to do this you must leave the mixed syringe for a hour or two.

Lastly try not to exceed 3ml per injection site.  More than 3ml per site can also cause soreness because of the amount of liquid/oil that gets concentrated on one site!


John Leslie (Terminator) Supplement South Africa sponsored athlete and proud supporter of  Ciccone Pharma.