GymBuddy App for iPhone

GymBuddy. For those of you on iPhones, you’re probably are aware of numerous applications to make life a bit easier and more organized. I have tried a few fitness applications to see if anything could help me log my workouts. I came a across a few of them but I’ve been using GymBuddy for a while now and it works well.

As I have pointed out in numerous articles, keeping track of your workouts in terms of weight and reps is vital for progression in your weight training.  being able to keep a log really helps when you are not sure of what the next weight or rep targets are.

After living with a few apps I found Gym Buddy to be excellent for the purpose. It allows me to create multiple exercise routines and to customize and add my own exercises. It categorizes the exercises you create as well. A great feature is that it recalls all the previous weight and reps you did for an exercises regardless of which routine you are in so you always have an accurate reference of what weights you did the last time.

In a routine it shows your previous weight and reps so you can see what you did for the exercise you have selected. It even anticipates multiple sets. There is also a handy countdown timer included allowing you to pace between sets.

It also keeps track of your cardio workouts and body stats and allows you to export your stats via e-mail. The app costs about $4 and is worth every cent. You can download it from the AppStore and get more info on it there. I have been digging around in it so if you get stuck let me know and we can share some ideas and tips on working the app.