GH and Rejuvenation in Women – by Phil D

Growth Hormone and Rejuvenation

Growth Hormones Anti-Aging Properties

Growth Hormone and Rejuvenation is a popular topic amongst women. It is widely used by celebrities as a secret anti-aging treatment. Benefits include increased skin elasticity and a reduction in body fat with little training.

Dosage and Use

I have received many requests for information on how to use it. What could someone expect what from such a cycle. Here is information I hope will help.

It uses lower dosages compared to the muscle building or performance enhancing cycles. 2IUs a day typical. You take growth Hormone every day. It is best taken at night when the body will release GH naturally. So, you are in the best metabolic state to use it. In most cases I have seen results inside the 2 week mark. These include fat loss and a visible reduction in facial lines. The effect can be subtle, so even if you look in the mirror every day. Likely someone will comment on it before you realize a change.

The duration of use varies. In theory, you can stay on it forever. I don’t suggest that. My advice is to use 100IUs and then take a 3 week break before using it again.

Diet and training can make a massive different to result on GH. Water intake is beneficial as well. The reason is that GH reduces or blocks muscle breakdown and this means an ever increasing metabolism.


You inject GH just below the skin on the stomach using an insulin needle. It is painless most of the time. The needle is very thin and piercing the skin often not even felt. Every form of GH has to be mixed. This is because it’s only stable in a freeze dried state and unmixed. You will come across claims of oral GH. Do not let them fool you! It does NOT exist.

The mixing procedure is described here. Once mixed it has to refrigerated and kept at between 4-7 degrees Celsius. Take care never to freeze it.

Consider which GH you will use. Often faked is GH, from China. There are 3 local versions exist: Humatrope by Lilly, Genetropin by Pharmacia and Norditropin. These are what doctors prescribe but your medical won’t pay for it. These are expensive. There is only one alternative you should look at, both from a value and quality point of view and that is Cicconotropin 99% from Ciccone Pharma. Cicconotropin is tested independently. At least we know what we are getting.

Remember that you use these compounds at your own risk. Many studies show GH to be safe while others warn against it. Low dosages reduce the risk significantly.