Growth Hormone and Peptide Articles

Growth Hormone and Peptide Articles

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Articles relating to Growth Hormone and Peptide use. The focus is on Growth Hormone and Peptide types and uses in bodybuilding and rejuvenation. We also have articles relating to Steroid use, DietsTraining and General Articles related to fitness.

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GH and Rejuvenation in Women – by Phil D
Growth Hormone and Rejuvenation properties have become increasingly popular amongst women as an anti-aging agent. The most noticeable benefit is the increase in skin elasticity and its ability to reduce body fat without much training.

South-African GH article
What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and how popular is it?
Growth hormone is responsible for our growth as a child. It is also responsible for repairing tissue during the entire duration of our life.
Mixing Growth Hormone Tip
When constituting your growth hormone and only taking 1IU at a time you might be worried that the active will expire by the time you take injection number 10 (10 days later) Bacteriostatic Water that comes with the GH would preserve the growth for at least a week because of its 0.9% benzoyl alcohol content.

Ciccone GH Grades
Ciccone Pharma stocks different grades of growth hormone. The different GH grades are: 90% Bronze/95% Silver/99% Platinum/99% Platinum Plus with added low molecular glycine and dextran for better absorption.
Frag 191 Video Tutorial
000mcg is the strongest version of this compound available. For sensitive users this would cause a irritation on the injection site and they must watch these tutorial clips very carefully on how to constitute and dilute these products.
Anthony Roberts on IGF & MGF
When there isn’t enough HGH in your body, GHRH acts to initiate the emission of HGH, and when there is too much HGH in the body, somatostatin does the opposite.
IGF1R3 and PEG Mechano Growth by Ciccone Athlete
Information on IGF1R3 and PEG Mechano Growth by Ciccone athlete. I started using IGF1R3 Long and PEG MGF (Mechanic Growth) as part of my regime.
GH tips for female athletes form Ciccone Pharma
Use Ciccone Pharma 99% Growth hormone (1IU to 2IU) first thing in the morning as you wake up on a empty stomach. This will help female athletes tone their muscles, reduce body fat and make the skin more elastic.
Fake Jintropin GH
About fake Jintropin GH. After a discussion a few weeks ago, it came to my attention that Jintropin is shipping Growth Hormone without the bacteriostatic water. I found this extremely strange so I looked into it.

Mixing Growth Hormone
More in depth mixing tips.