GH tips for female athletes


GH tips for female athletes from Ciccone Pharma.

Use Ciccone Pharma 99% Growth hormone (1IU to 2IU) first thing in the morning as you wake up on an empty stomach. This will help female athletes tone their muscles and reduce body fat. It makes the skin more elastic reducing the effects of aging. Growth Hormone has the added benefits of making your hair grow thicker and faster and strengthening your nails.

Besides this you can take 1 to 2 tabs of Yohimbine Hydrochloride (Yohimbine Lean) and a cup of strong coffee as you awake. This will up your body temperature and increase your heart rate so you burn more fat.

30 minutes after you have taken the Yohimbine Lean you do 45 min intermittent fasting cardio exercise.

If you have a hard time exercising on an empty stomach, you can have a Ciccone Pharma whey protein. You can not have any other brand of whey protein with your growth hormone apart from Ciccone Pharma. Even the best why protein on the market has carbohydrates that will spike your insulin. This could destroy your Growth Hormone reducing the effects.

Ciccone Pharma’s Whey designed their protein was for use with growth hormone. It does not cause insulin spikes. To make sure of its consistent quality levels its laboratory tested.

If you want to speed up fat burning, you can add T3 Tertroxin to the above-mentioned products by taking 1 tabs per day. At most two tabs a day. You should not use Tertroxin for periods longer than 6 weeks. It could affect the body’s own production of LT-3 permanently.

We hope the GH tips for female athletes helps you get more out of your GH.