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General Articles related to the bodybuilding industry. The focus is general. It also includes new trends, high ranking bodybuilders and industry leaders point of view and general information. We also have articles relating to Growth hormone and PeptidesDietsTraining and Steroid related to fitness.

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Testosterone and Depression Testosterone and Depression
Doctors prescribe any one of a number of drugs to treat mental illnesses. The most effective drug, however, may actually be testosterone.
Androgens and nervesNerve Damage Repair
Study sheds light on role of androgens such as
testosterone on nerve damage repair.
Sexyness comes from this70 Percent of Your Sexiness Comes From This
What really makes a woman attracted to a man?
How much does upper-body muscle matter?
Let's ask science.
Bodybuilding Bellies
The Truth About Those Nasty Distended Bellies.
At the Arnold Classic this year, there were
an awful lot of bodybuilders on stage who
looked several months pregnant.
Brain Steroids by TC Luoma
As bodybuilders and chemical daredevils, we augment this and we augment that. We take steroids. We take prohormones. And we worry about GH levels.
Shredded in 2 weeks – by Shelby Starnes
Perhaps it’s something big you have planned, like a sunny two-week vacation or cruise, or maybe just a simple afternoon trip to the beach or pool. Regardless of where you wish to look your absolute best, this article will explain how to get there.

Truth about Trainers
Truth about Trainers: The Question:
What do most people NOT know about personal training or coaching?
Christian Thibaudeau – Strength Coach and Performance Expert
The Hormone Cycle and Female Lifters by Shannon Clark
Your hormones control you. You work hard each and every time you hit the gym. You give 100% effort and make sure that you eat right. You think you’re doing everything right, but could there be something you aren’t even aware of diminishing your results?
Fix Your Hips, Fix Your Back Pain
Take this test to check your mobility, then learn how to fix it if there’s a problem
by Tom Morrison
Vitamin D for Strength and Power
Vitamin-D deficiency is common. Fewer people are getting outdoors, and those who are deficient will get even less during winter months. As you know by now, this has numerous health implications. But new research by Jung et al. found that vitamin D status can influence performance as well.
Cicco-NoortropicYohimbe For Fat Burning
Make sure you don’t confuse Yohimbe HCL with Yohimbe bark, which can be tough to dose correctly and can often cause nausea or sickness. Yohimbine is also a stimulant, but it’s more specifically known as an “alpha-2 adreno receptor antagonist.”
Clenbuterol Ban
China and worldwide, the chances of purchasing real clenbuterol off the internet, weather in raw material for or in tablet form, is likely going to be fake or of very poor quality.
Backyard Steroids Manufacturing
Backyard Steroids manufacturing has been the focus of numerous articles all over the bodybuilding domain. Including some for Muscle Evolution. The subject of anabolic steroid brands that are being manufactured without using any sterilization processes or filters to filter your harmful bacteria has been highlight countless times and with good reason.
Peptides information overview
Peptides are short polymers of amino acids linked by peptide bonds. They have the same peptide bonds as those in proteins, but are usually shorter in length. The shortest peptides are called dipeptides. They consist of two amino acids joined by a single peptide bond. There can also be, tetrapipteds, pentapeptides, etc.
John Leslie Clenbuterol Tips
The big problem most users have experienced that after a few weeks the clenbuterol doesn’t give you that same feeling/effect! The reason for this is that your Beta-2 agonist receptors(the receptors used in your body for clenbuterol) down regulates.
Ciccone MT-1Tips on using various Ciccone Pharma products2017/03/28
Important stats
Some important statistics you need before starting a cycle or before you start anything to do with changing your body.
Viagra use does not make you horney
Viagra use, contrary to popular belief, has no effect on your sex drive. Some guys go as far as to giving it to their girlfriends hoping for sparks. But no luck. Viagra use deals with blood flow to the penis. The essential ingredient is a mental willingness or mental arousal.
Lida Testimonial2016/11/23
Clenbuterol Fat Burning
Clenbuterol has been a favorite with bodybuilders and with general athletes for a very long time. Due to the high cost it has not really been used as a mainstream fat burner for a long time and Ephedrine based fat burners where far more popular.
The difference between bodybuilders and the rest of us
I have however recently come across many people having discussed the use of steroids with bodybuilders and has clearly received the wrong advice for their goals.
21 Gauge needle21 Gauge Needle injections
21 Gauge needle used to inject steroids into deep muscle tissue. Many people ask me what needle to use to inject steroids and the answer is simple. 21 gauge (which refers to the thickness of the needle. The lower the number, the thicker it is.
steroids in sportSteroids in Sport
War on steroids in sport. War on steroids in schools, or should we say more accurately, war on steroids used by school level rugby players. The media has gone crazy, Drug Free sport has gone crazy and now everybody has the police going crazy. What are the facts and what is going on?
Dropping water before a show
Dropping water is an important part of show preparation and getting it right is essential to get hard on stage. Unfortunately there are many confusing procedures out there. The most common one is to decrease your water intake gradually in the week leading up to the contest.


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