First time on Steroids use

first time steroid use

The question I get from guys that want to take steroids for the first time is what to take. The most common advice from everybody out there is to take a stack like Cypionate, Deca and d-bol.

I have watched these types of cycles for a long time and I’ll share some conclusion with you. Firstly, the average weight gained from these types of first time cycles is around 5-10kgs over a 10 week period. Secondly, at the end of these cycles, guys will lose 60 to 100% of the weight they gained, even with a post cycle treatment regimen. Thirdly, in 90% of cases guys will end up doing a second cycle.

My strategy suggestion to first-time users is different from most of the advice out there. I looked at the three key things as explained above and came to the conclusion that the biggest mistake when taking steroids for the first time, is taking to much. Rather plan a cycle that is simple and gives you direct information about how your body is reacting. Gaining less weight means less stress on the body and more chance that you’ll retain more of the gains.

Because the chances are good that you’ll end up doing another cycle, you might as well plan for it from the start. Gaining 3-4kgs on a cycle will give you a far better chance of keeping that weight over two cycles than a single cycle. Don’t get stuck on gaining a massive amount of weight on your first cycle, chances are you’ll end up keeping less and having to deal with more side effects.

Some points to remember about first-time steroid use:

Start on a single substance, testosterone is a good place to start.

Keep your cycle to 10 weeks and focus on a steady increase in strength and intensity.

Give yourself a good break after your first cycle and PCT.

Keep detailed track of how your body reacts. Make notes of before and after in terms of weight, strength, and body fat %.

Use different substance on your second cycle and limit it to two components. Again, keep track of the results.

Taking more does not mean more results in the long run.