Fake Jintropin GH

Fake Jintropin

About fake Jintropin GH. After a discussion a few weeks ago, it came to my attention that Jintropin is shipping Growth Hormone without the bacteriostatic water. I found this extremely strange having a good deal of information on GeSci, the manufacturing company. So I looked into it.

What I found is once again shocking, but not unexpected. There are a number of super cheap GH derivatives available in China, Kefei is one of them. I cannot stress enough that you should stay far away from these. Not only do they not work but they case all sort of side effects in users.

So the real story is as follows: These cheap GH brands ship without bacteriostatic water. Due to this and the fact that most of them are fake and does not work, a number of guys have ended up with stock they cannot get rid of. This stick was repackaged to look like Jintropin and they have been telling everybody that Jintropin no longer ships with bacteriostatic water.

If anybody offers you GH that does not have the proprietary vials of bacteriostatic water packaged with them, make a point of never buying anything from them.