Expiry Dates

Expiry Dates

About expiry dates. If you have used steroids for a long time, you will have come across products with expired dates on them. This always creates a dilemma for users.

Some info on this situation.

In many cases, steroids are manufactured for small black market steroid companies. This often means that bulk packaging and/or labels are made to go onto these products. Expiry dates and batch numbers are included to give the product a sense of authenticity.

What happens in the real world is that the production runs as quite small. They may take place 1 or 2 times a year. This means that the packaging with the dates on them are used for far longer. The actual dates on them don’t reflect the manufacturing date. For example, the expiry date is not going to exceed 2-3 years on the label. Small companies use the same packaging for longer than that. This makes it look like the product has expired.

The point is that very seldom that the information on the packaging is correct. That information and the product you are holding in your hands may not match. That’s just the nature of things when it comes to black market steroid brands.

With legitimate pharmaceutical companies that manufacture steroids, things are a little different. Two factors affect the expiry dates. Firstly by law. Expiry dates can be no longer than a specific amount of time, say 3 years for instance. This means that in some cases the expiry date will have passed but the product is still good to use. The second issue is that expiry dates will have a built-in margin of safety. Say 6 months for instance. The product will still be good to use within that margin of expiry.


When black market steroids, your peace of mind is determined by the relationship you have with your supplier. And in turn his relationship with the manufacturer. Not all suppliers have relationships that reach all the way back to the manufacturer. You can see how important to the end users. With pharmaceutical brands, if the expiry date does not exceed by 6 months you are still in the clear.