Diet Articles

Diet Articles

Menu Page for various Diet related articles.

Articles relating to diets and food. The focus is on diets for general training, bodybuilding, and rejuvenation. We also have articles relating to Steroid use, GH and Peptide use, Training and General Articles related to fitness.

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Protein Absorption Protein Absorption
Despite the prevailing myth, you can and should eat
more than 30 grams of protein per sitting. But
exactly how much? Info here.
Protein Cake Protein Cake for Bodybuilders
If cake were the new superfood, this would be the
recipe.Watching what you eat and reigning in your
macros doesn't mean you're stuck with bland foods.
Bodybuilding Diets of Pro Bodybuilders
The following are examples of a daily diet 10 weeks from the competition when they are aiming to maintain muscle, build new muscle and strip off as much fat as possible.
Protein-Bodyweight Ratio by Eric Bach
Sure, studies have shown you could cut that number down to as little as 0.82 grams per pound. In contrast raising it to as high as 1.16 grams per pound before you tap out on protein benefits. But why make it more complicated than it needs to be?

3 Unexpected Ways to Get Lean
Unexpected ways to get lean. Boost your metabolism, improve
blood sugar levels, and increase metabolic flexibility. Here’s how.

Protein shakes vs.Protein from food
People sometimes ask me whether protein shakes are any good. The answer is yes, but there are some benefits of getting protein in through food in your diet. The reason for this is digestion and absorption.