CYT3 Active Ingredients:
Clenbuterol Hydrochloride
Yohimbe Hydrochloride
Liothyronine Sodium (LT-3)

You should be aware that Liothyronine Sodium (LT-3) is a thyroid hormone. The duration of use is an important consideration.


Most commonly, Clenbuterol is utilized in cutting, pre-contest, and fat loss cycles. It is rarely used during the off-season as well as during bulking phases. A small fraction of users do, however, use it during the bulking phase. This is an attempt to reduce the fat gain as a result of caloric consumption exceeding basal metabolic levels.


However, some supplement manufacturers have recently claimed that it can also aid in the loss of “stubborn fat.” You know; those areas that just won’t lean out no matter how hard you diet and exercise. Typically, these areas are located in the midsection of men, and on the glutes and thighs of women.


The bodybuilding and athletic world to the use of T3 as a physique and/or performance-enhancing drug because of its capability to boost the body’s metabolism. This causes an increase in fat metabolism. Athletes use it during cutting, dieting, and pre-contest phases. The universal goal of these phases is to break down body fat. In recent years, Cytomel has gained popularity during bulking phases as well. In conjunction with anabolic steroids, it increases nutrient processing and keeps body fat levels down during periods of higher caloric intake.

CYT3 by Ciccone 50tabs
CYT3 by Ciccone 50tabs
CYT-3 by V-Med
CYT3 by Nomad 50tabs
CYT3 by Nomad 50tabs