Cialis. Active: Tadalafil Citrate

Many sensitive users who still get some side effects from Viagra prefer using our Cyalis (CiccoCialis) because it causes even less (if any at all) side effects in the form of headaches, nasal congestion, heartburn, blood shot eyes, bad breath and indigestion. The reason for Cialis having the least side effects is its very slow and stable onset and release into the blood stream.

The 5-milligram Cialis was manufactured and included in the range as an every day supplement. This product can be taken with your daily intake of vitamins. As a precaution when coming off a cycle to keep the erections consistent. It does away with the uncomfortable and awkward scenario created by taking a tablet before having intercourse. You just take one tablet in the morning and you set for the day.

Daily Uptake

Including this tablet as a daily uptake will keep erections consistent. Especially when you are busy with a PCT (Post Cycle Treatment) or you are off cycle. Taking testosterone and pre workouts sometimes influence the athlete’s erections. One daily dose of 5mg CiccoCialis will resolve this issue and not add any awkwardness by first having to take a tablet to get ready for intercourse. You will be ready 24/7.

The benefit of CiccoCialis does not extend to making you vascular when having a workout. Nor giving you great pumps for photo shoots or competition days. For vascularity and pumps for competitions and photo shoots CiccoViagra is still a better option. The benefit of this product is purely to subtly keep your erections healthy when playing around with testosterone as part of your training regime. CiccoCialis is a 5mg tablet and 30 tablets per sachet. CiccoCialis 5mg 30 tabs is exactly enough for a months supply. The onset of this drug is slow but constant and a daily dose will keep the active ingredient elevated in the blood for optimum results.

Cyalis as Apcalis
Cyalis as Ciccocylis by Ciccone 5mg/tab/10tabs or Ciccocyalis Daily 30mg/tab/10tabs
Ciccocialis by Ciccone 5mg/tab/10tabs or Ciccocyalis Daily 20mg/tab/30tabs







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