Clenbuterol Ban

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Clenbuterol Ban

Clenbuterol Ban – China and worldwide, the chances of purchasing real clenbuterol off the internet, weather in raw material for or in tablet form, is likely going to be fake or of very poor quality. You might think that Chinese labs will simply produce clenbuterol underground but this is going to prove problematic. The following is an outline of what was shared with me, I did however see the actual test results for myself as well as confidential information which I agreed to to share here.

Recently Ciccone Pharma did the exercise. They approached a reputable lab to create a small batch during down time at night. Testing of the batch showed that the quality looked very good. This batch was then sent to Professor Yonghui Deng in Shanghai who at Fudan University. Preofessor Deng has done numerous tests on a wide variety of products for Ciccone in the past. When comparing the new sample to samples made by Ciccone in the past, the test seemed to stack up. Professor Deng was not convinced however.

While discussing this with Ciccone, it was suggested that the two samples should be tested in the real world as used by people. Volunteers where quick to line up for the experiment. The results confirmed Professors Dengs misgivings. The Ciccone version far out-performed the new sample. With the test not showing any significant differences, there was only two things that could be influencing the results. One was the base raw chemicals and the other the manufacturing procedure.

Again, in consultation between Ciccone and Professor Deng and in the interest of saving time, (Professor Deng’s time does not come cheap) Professor Deng agreed to produce a batch in his lab. Using the raw materials and his manufacturing methodology Professor Deng succeeded in producing a batch for testing. Again the analysis was performed and the results where as before. However when people tested it the results where identical to Ciccone’s pre-ban Clenbuterol.

This led to two conclusions. First, the test for clenbuterol is not an accurate representation of how well the product works, in other words the test is flawed. Second, the manufacturing process has a major impact of how well the product works. This process now sits with Ciccone and Professor Deng. To have gotten it to this point cost a lot of money and for the foreseeable future the implication will be that the only proper Clenbuterol is going to be from Ciccone. People looking for the fat burning and anti-catabolic effects will have to look at Ciccone.