Tips on using various Ciccone Pharma products

Tip 1

Sibutra Slim tablets works best taken in the morning early after a low calorie breakfast. The tablet causes extreme thirst and you must consume a large amount of water to activate the tablet. If you neglect to drink water and fight the thirst the tablet works out late afternoon and the appetite-suppressing characteristic subsides, hunger sets in and over eating becomes a problem. By consuming water you keep the problem of late afternoon hunger at bay.

Tip 2

Sibutra Slim tablets are made big with a breaker in the middle. The breaker is especially made so that half a tablet can be taken for people who are not used to the extreme effect of this substance. Sibutra Lean is very strong and if you are not use to it, it can cause an increase in heart rate, anxiety and insomnia.

Tip 3

Sibutra Lean tablets cannot be used if you suffer with high blood pressure and take blood pressure medicine. Sibutra Lean also has adverse side effects if taken with antidepressant medication. Antidepressants and Sibutra Lean has a negative drug interaction and will cause very unstable mood swings. People who suffer from depression and high blood pressure must stay away from this product.

Tip 4

Many athletes complain about Test Combo 450mg being very painful to inject. This is quite common because of the high concentration of testosterone per milliliter of oil. Test Combo 350mg was added to the product range for athletes who wants a high concentration of testosterone without the complications of the 450mg. Test Combo 350mg has proven itself to not be painful at all and give substantial strength and size gains. This product is by no means meant for a beginner and we advise it to be used by advanced athletes only. It is still exceptionally potent but not as hardcore and painful as the 450mg Combo.

Tip 5

When coming off a stack and doing your PCT guys always complain that they lose too much weight while waiting for their natural testosterone levels to return to normal. To resolve this issue we are going to learn two new terms today on stacking your gear.

THE BLAST (the cycle portion) and THE CRUIZE (low dose test, basically testosterone replacement therapy)

So you blast your normal cycle the way you always do for 6,8 or even 12 weeks and then cruise on a trt (testosterone replacement therapy) dose of test, essentially for the time period that you’d usually be off any gear.

This is done in order to prevent losing the progress that you have made on cycle (where you lose gains for the small time period where you are recovering), so instead of taking a few steps back after a cycle in terms of progress because of the hormones needing time to come back, you’d avoid that by introducing a trt dose of test so you’d be back to baseline levels of test immediately after a cycle. This way you won’t need to wait for your normal levels to return to keep the gains you made.

The best drug to use for TRT is Ciccolibido (testosterone undecanoate) 4ml (1000mg) every 4 to 6 weeks. This dose is low enough not to affect the recovery of your natural HPTA axis and normal testosterone production.

Tip 6

Ciccone Pharma is the first brand in the world that identified, tested and made public the fact that there are different grades of growth hormone being supplied from China to the world. Ciccone Pharma is also the first brand that made the decision to stock all the grades from the cheapest to the most expensive. No other brand in the world has done this. Below are guidelines to help you “the end user” decide what grade of growth hormone you want to be using.

All brands claim their growth to be 99% pure but this is a lie. If you want to gauge the purity of your growth you can measure it according to what you paid.

  • 90% pure growth hormone R1300 to R1800
  • 95% pure growth hormone R1800 to R2300
  • 97% pure growth hormone R2300 to R2800
  • 99% pure growth hormone R2500 to R3000

The effectiveness of the growth in blood serum levels is as follows:

Purity 99% 1 iu blood serum reached 25 ng/ml

Purity 97% 1 iu blood serum reached 18 ng/ml

Purity 95% 1 iu blood serum reached 13 ng/ml

Purity 90% 1 iu blood serum reached 1-9 ng/ml

Tip 7

We suggest mixing your PEG MGF with 2ml of water. When mixing your Mechano Growth with 2ml water every 10 marks on the insulin syringe will be 250mcg. When injecting into the muscle to create proliferation of stem cells that causes growth in the specific muscle the dose varies between 250mcg bilaterally (for example 250mcg per bicep) and 500mcg bilaterally. This means 10 marks (10IU = 250mcg) to 20 marks (20IU 500mcg) per side. The injection gets taken directly after your workout twice a week while training the lacking body part twice a week.

Tip 8

John Leslie coaching rates are R2000 per month paid in advance. The monthly amount paid includes a diet, training program, cycle program (this includes anabolic, growth hormone and peptide stacks) and a supplement regime.

All athletes must send John progress pictures at least every three weeks. This is the minimum requirement for athletes bulking. The progress pictures must be sent doing compulsory poses and not random pictures as the athlete pleases. John will request specific posing pictures so that he is able to see all the muscle groups clearly. From these pictures he will see where you need extra focus. Athletes dieting or preparing for shows will have to send more regular updated pictures. This will vary from athlete to athlete and how far you are away from the show but it can be as little as every two weeks (for regular dieting athletes) and as much as every second day for athletes busy preparing for a show and getting closer to show date.

Even when progress pictures are not being sent all athletes must check in with John at least once a week regardless by sending him an updated Whatsapp message telling him how their progress is going. John trains clients all day so phone calls could be inconvenient and hard to attend to but a short Whatsapp message would be perfect.

John will make adjustments to every aspect of your training as he receives the updated messages and pictures from you. He will change your training, supplementation, anabolics and supplementation according to your updates and feedback being sent to him.

To get into contact with John Leslie for coaching e-mail SA-Anabolic Review via our contact page. Send John a detailed Whatsapp rather than phoning him because he might be occupied with clients.

Tip 9

John Leslie tip on Deca 100mg Fast Acting Ciccone Pharma for joint pain – The competitive season for athletes is almost over and many guys just completed shows and even travelled abroad to compete.

This message is for athletes who just finished their competitive year. Bodybuilders know Deca has many for benefits.  We want to point out some benefits that people see as the second or third to the primary benefit of muscle building.

FACT IS anti-estrogens and winstrol dries out your joints. Be sure to use Deca if you experience those joint pains after a hectic cutting cycle and diet! Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP Deca) gets into your system 48-72 hours after injecting where Deca300 (nandrolone decanoate) takes a week-10 days at least to take effect. Deca does not only help with your joints (lubricates your joints) it also helps with faster recovery between workouts.

Regards John Leslie

Supplement South Africa sponsored athlete
Proud ambassador of Ciccone Pharma
WBBF Pro Athlete

Tip 10

Halotestin  by Ciccone Pharma is the single most expensive anabolic steroid to manufacture out of all anabolic steroids.If the price for this product is cheap, chances are that your product is under dosed or you are being sold Methyltestosterone in place of Halotestin. Both Methyl and Halo increases your strength and both are very toxic to the liver. The big difference is that Methyl will retain water and cause gyno where it is impossible to retain water or get gyno with Halotestin.

Tip 11

You should not take Halotestin for more than 3 weeks. Athletes usually takes for two to three weeks pre- contest. Some athletes reported taking this substance for up to 4 weeks but this is the exception and not the rule. The dose for Halotestin is 10mg per day (2 tabs) to start off with and then you can increase it to 20mg (4 tabs) if your body tolerates it well. At 20mg you feel dramatic changes. Some strength athletes and power lifters with a heavy body weight reported taking up to 40mg but this dose would not be recommended.

Tip 12

Halotestin is the game changer pre contest if your body fat is already low. It increases the red blood cell count and increases the strength and aggression levels dramatically. The last couple of weeks when you are flat and battling to get through the workouts this product will be the one to keep you going. Halotestin increases fat loss and the increase in red blood cells makes the muscles look fuller and denser. As soon as you take Halotestin with a low body fat your visual conditioning is pronounced and improved dramatically.

Tip 13

Halotestin fact – Although this compound is highly androgenic it does not aromatize to estrogen and water retention and gynecomastia is impossible.

Tip 14

Halotestin fact – This compound will give you zero gains in size and muscle mass. Although its anabolic rating measures 1900 in theory this does not translate to any muscle gains in practice.

Tip 15

Halotestin fact – Some studies and clinical trials have shown that Halo promotes Phallic enlargement (erect penis size)

Tip 16

Halotestin fact – Prolonged use of Halotestin will increase LDL (bad cholesterol and decrease HDL (good cholesterol). Halo also increases blood pressure levels and long term use will cause cardiovascular disease.

Tip 17

Dianabol tip – Most athletes take 5 x 10mg Dianabol tablets per day. Ciccone Pharma decided to manufacture a 50mg version for the convenience of only taking one single tablet. We made bigger tablet, with a breaker in the middle so you can break it in half if you want to take a smaller dose.

Half a tablet will then be 25mg.

Tip 18

Dianabol tip – Ciccone Pharma Dianabol Extra Strength (50mg per tab 50 tabs per packet) is much more cost effective than buying five packs of 10mg Dianabol.

Tip 19

Anapolon tip – Some competitive athletes have been very successful in using Anapolon the last couple of week’s pre contest to fill the physique up in the carbing up process. Athletes who very rarely retain water respond very well with Anapolon as a pre-contest drug. Athletes who are more prone to water retention should never attempt this seeing that it could destroy your stage physique by blowing you up with water retention.

Tip 20

Anapolon tip – Oxymetholone does not convert to estrogen. They believe Oxymetholone interacts directly with the estrogen receptors in somebody tissues and acts as estrogen itself. For this reason there are very few defences to curb water retention and body fat increase. Using aromatising inhibitors like Arimidex and Femara have no effect on the water retention, bloat and increase in body fat caused because there is no estrogen conversion-taking place. The only way to prevent water retention, bloat and increase in body fat is to control it with a good clean diet and a natural diuretic or food sources that act as natural diuretics.

Tip 21

Ephedrine Hydrochloride to make ECA Fat Burners – Ciccone Pharma decided to discontinue its ECA Fat Burners. The reason for this is that Eph HCL is now a banned substance all over the world. As main ingredient in the narcotics trade, they use it to manufacture of Crystal Meth, TIK and CAT. We are unable to purchase this ingredient anywhere in the world legitimately from any legal API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) manufacturers.Regarded as a narcotic, the Far East Eph HCL sees possession as a criminal offense. It is not a controlled substance like other pharmaceuticals. It is a banned substance.

We test every batch of Ciccone Pharma in Fudan University (Shanghai) by Professor Deng. We do this to ensure the quality of our products. Every time we want to purchase Eph HCL we must buy it on the black market from some backstreet dealer and Professor Deng and Fudan university refuses to test it for us. We are therefore always unsure of the quality. This does not match our way of doing business and it does not compliment the rest of our products in our range and we therefore decided to discontinue it from our catalogue.


Tip 22

Frag 176-191Growth hormone is a 191 amino acid sequence chain.Frag is a peptide identified as the fragment of the growth hormone responsible for fat burning. This fat burning segment is sequence 176-191 of the total 191 chain.

Tip 23

Frag 176-191 – Frag directly initiates lipolysis and inhibits lipogenesis. Lipolysis is the breakdown of lipids and involves hydrolysis of triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids. This might sound complicated but in essence it means that Frag 176-191 mobilises and breaks down fat.

Tip 24

Frag 176-191 – Frag will not affect insulin sensitivity and therefore will not increase insulin resistance. IGF levels will also stay unaffected by Frag. The fact that Frag does not affect insulin sensitivity is very important for athletes who might already suffer from insulin resistance. These individuals would not want to add to their impairment.

Tip 25 


Very few people understand the immeasurable healing properties growth hormone has on post surgery recovery. Ciccone Pharma Growth Hormone regenerates cells at breakneck speed and one of the first things it rebuilds is the skin. They have used growth hormone for burn wound victims to grow back skin for many years.

Female athletes also see the effects of growth much faster than males because they notice the changes in their skin quicker than males. This is one of the biggest advantages for using it as a anti aging drug. Growth Hormone also builds bones, ligaments and tendons. So post surgery it helps to rebuild all damaged tissues.

We already know the effects of growth hormone on generating more muscle cells. But it is important to also note all the therapeutic effects of this drug.

Tip 25


The use of Nolvadex will help with this as it block the estrogen receptor itself so that the Oxymetholone can’t interact with it, although Nolvadex don’t block all the Estrogen receptors as its selective in that regard. I have tested it and it definitely makes a difference.The trick is start your Nolva same time as the Anapolan, don’t wait till you are already bloated.