Ciccone GH Grades

Ciccone Pharma stocks different grades of growth hormone. The different GH grades are:

90% Bronze
95% Silver
99% Platinum
99% Platinum Plus with added low molecular glycine and dextran for better absorption.

There are two reasons we stock the 90% and 95% version of GH grades.

Firstly it is to offer something to the customer who are use to buying cheap growth hormone grades from other brands. 

Secondly it is to prove to the consumers that we are not ripping them off when we charge higher prices than any of our competitors for our 99% grade growth hormone. We prove to the consumers that we are also able to offer a cheaper alternative and we are very capable to meet anyones price in the market. But we prefer not to chase price but rather bring quality products. But because many of our consumers are uneducated we prefer to explain by using examples and stocking all the grades. We have tangible products to refer to. 

The 90% and 95% grades of growth hormone gets purchased from a agent in China and we have never been given the opportunity to visit the factories or laboratories where these grades are being made. We can not guarantee the quality of these two grades and we would never recommend anyone actually buying these grades. These two grades are of the same quality of all the other cheap brands you find on the market. 

The 99% Platinum Plus and Platinum grade growth hormones are being purchased directly from the laboratory and we have inspected the facilities on numerous occasions. The Ciccone Pharma 99% grade growth hormone is pharma grade quality in no uncertain terms. If you are used to using 99% growth hormone from Ciccone Pharma you can never use the 95% or 90% as alternative. You will make a huge mistake if you do that. The 99% is double as effective as the 95% and about five times as effective as the 90%.

We are hoping that one day the consumers will be so educated that they will refuse any other grade of growth hormone than the 99%. But until we have educated consumers we will unfortunately have to stock the lower grades to have something to offer when our opposition brands bring their cheap alternatives to the market place.