Noortropic Hybrid Fat Burner


Cicco-Noortropic is a cutting edge blend of next generation performance enhancement supplements. It’s range of neuro-stimulants that crosses the blood-brain barrier creates focus and endurance beyond any regular stimulant. A wide selection of receptors are bound so there is no receptor overload. This results in Cicco-Noortropic giving you the desired effects without the jitters, nausea, anxiety or dreaded crash. Cicco-Noortropic is a hybrid neuro stimulant and thermogenic aid. The advanced  blend causes greater focus, thermogenesis. The feeling of euphoria makes you want to train harder. You experience better performance while training.

Using forward thinking, Cicco-Noortropic was formulated. This enables you to use it with your Ciccone Pharma Muscle Primer Pre Workout. We planned our Muscle Primer as a Nitric Oxide pre-workout booster. It is low on stimulants but high on muscle pumps and muscle growth. The Cicco-Noortropic is high in stimulants for fat burning and low on muscle pumps. We planned Cicco-Noortropic as a stand-alone product. It has the versatility of being able to bolt onto your current Muscle Primer. Using the two products together will give you best of both worlds by giving you muscle pumps and stimulus.

How to use?

CICCO-NOOTROPIC can be used on its own as a fat burner and mental stimulant and it does not have to be used as a pre-workout.

DIRECTIONS OF USE: Take a full 5 capsule serving l0min before training.

WARNING: This product has high potency stimulant and must be used with caution.

To measure your tolerance, start off by using 2 capsules and adjust from there until you reach a full 5 capsule serving dose.

Use in a 4 week cycle with 2-3 weeks between cycles. Do not exceed the recommended dose under any circumstances. If you are not using a Ciccone-Pharma Muscle Primer pre workout be cautious not to add this high stimulant to your pre-workout. It may cause unwanted overdosing.