The difference between bodybuilders and the rest of us


Competitive bodybuilders sit on the far site of the physique spectrum and have a lot of insight and experience. As such many people get advice from them for obvious reasons. I have however recently come across many people having discussed the use of steroids with bodybuilders. They clearly received the wrong advice for their goals.

As you’ll recall from many other articles I have written, I’m a big proponent of the “trade off” type cycles. Just as I am opposed to “bulking and cutting” cycles that are the traditional methodology. The reason is simple, bulking cutting approach is absolutely the way to go for competitions given the format. It also means that there is a constant state of change in the body. It is this fact that makes it less desirable for the average person.  Especially if they are looking to be in a relatively good shape. More importantly, maintain that state for long periods of time.

It is this long term goal that shifts the thinking from the traditional “bulking/cutting” methodology to “trade off” cycles. There are many competitive or ex-competitive bodybuilders that has been in the game for a long time. They understands this and advises people accordingly. However there are more so called bodybuilders that simply don’t have that level of experience. Working with different individuals and their goals is not easy. This is because they draw their experience from their own substance interaction and results. But understanding and knowing your own body is important. But this does not mean you understand how to deal with other people bodies. Especially if their goals are not the same as yours.

Lets say your goal is to be a competitive bodybuilder. Then getting advice from the best bodybuilders makes a lot of sense. Let say you are looking for results that are not based on competing or excessive bulk. Now you need to be careful. The advice you receive but then that should be the case with all advice. Let me clarify; I’m not saying you should not take advice from bodybuilders. What I am saying is you should consider as many options as possible. Do research to confirm the advice you have been given. If it is good advice it will stand up to scrutiny. Stick to guys with a good reputation and testimonials. Be careful not to become someone else’s guinea pig.

If you are giving people advice, consider their goals carefully and advise around that. If you do this you’ll find yourself getting a good reputation.  Along with the satisfaction of helping educate people and helping them reach their goals.