Bodybuilders Dictionary

Bodybuilders dictionary

A ever growing list of terminology used in the bodybuilding domain. I’ll keep adding terms as time goes on. It is meant to be as simple as possible so people get a basic understanding of what the term means.


Anabolic – The steroid characteristics the promote muscle repair and nutrient absorption, most notable protein absorption and metabolism for muscle repair.

Androgenic – The steroid characteristics that deal with the typical male features as well as internal muscle cell fluid retention and muscle strength. It forms the testosterone component of steroids.

Anti-catabolicSubstances that reduce or block the breakdown of muscle.


Body fat % – The ratio of fat weight compared to lean muscle weight in the body.

Burning muscleDuring prolonged high intensity training the body uses muscle protein a a fuel source there by reducing lean muscle mass.


Cardio training – Low intensity, longer duration training that is focused on keeping the heart rate below 80% of maximum to promote fat burning.

CatabolicA state the body is in that cause the loss of muscle.

Cutting – Dropping fat


Drop set – A technique to increase training intensity and muscle stimulation by immediately reducing the with pushed on a set (usually by half) and doing another set without rest. For example doing a bench press with 100kgs for 8 reps and then immediately doing another set with 50kgs totally exhausting the muscle.


Ectomorph – Body type that is typically longer limbs, stringy muscles and smaller bone structure. Better suited to longer distance type training. Hard to build muscle.

Endomorph – Body type that is typically shorter limbed and stocky. Gains muscle well but very hard to drop fat.


Form – the correct motion followed during a exercise that allows for maximum muscle simulation and activation.

Fast twitch muscle fibers – Muscle fibers that can store energy and is used for explosive or intense short duration activities like sprinting for instance.


GH – Growth Hormone


Hyperplasia – The process of muscle cells dividing or growing more muscle cells.

High protein diet – A diet where the % calories from protein exceed the amount of carbohydrates and fat consumed.


Intramuscular – Injection into the muscle.

IntensityIs governed by heart rate and duration. Lower intensity training is like riding a bike for an hour. HIgh intensity is doing the last rep on a biceps curl so your head explodes.

Isolation – Training with a focus on making a very specific muscle or muscle group do the work.



KetosisA state the body goes into after prolonged lack of carbohydrates in the diet. The liver releases ketones that cause the overall ph of the blood and body to drop becoming more acidic.


Lean muscle massThe amount of muscle you are carrying when the fat and bone mass is deducted form overall body weight.

Low calorie dietDiets that are to low in caloric value to sustain the bodies normal functions, forcing it to burn fat and muscle as additional  fuel sources.


MesomorphBody type that is typical wide shoulders with a narrower waist. Good muscle development. Considered the best body type for an athletic lean build.

Metabolism – The normal bodily process required to keep the body alive.

Multi-joint exercises – Exercises that involve motion around 2 or more joints, also called compound movements, squats for instance.


Negative failureWhen you cannot control the weight during the lowering phase of a movement anymore. See positive failure.

Negative feedbackWhen the body slows or stops production of a substance due to an artificially high level of that substance in the body.


OvertrainingOccurs when there is not enough rest in between training sessions for the body to recover.


Positive failure – When you cannot lift the weigh anymore. See negative failure.

Progression – The process of training where you push more weight o reps from workout to workout.

Post cycle treatment – A treatment regime where substance are use to reduce muscle loss because of a radical drop in testosterone levels after a steroid cycle. This occurs because the body reduces or shuts down its testosterone production in response to the high artificial levels cause by a steroid cycle.



Recovery – The process where the body repair damage done as a result of training.

Receptors – Basically the connection points for various hormones that then trigger specific thing in the body. For example Androgens will bind to androgen receptor sites that will in turn cause increase hair growth.


SARMs – Selective Androgen Receptor Modulation. A collection of substances used to have spesific effects on the body.

Single-joint exercises – Exercises that uses rotation around a single joint. Leg extensions for instance. Also see multi-joint exercises.

Slin – Slang for insulin

Slow twitch muscle fibers – Muscle fiber that cannot store energy but relies on energy supplied to it. Used for lower intensity exercises where the body can use oxygen to transform fat and carbohydrates as energy. Long distance running for instance.

Spotting – A training partner helping you get through the sicking point of a exercise.

Subcutaneous – Injection below the skin.


Testicular atrophy – Reduction of the testicle size due to reduced or complete absence of testosterone production. This occurs because of high levels of artificial testosterone in the body that causes negative feedback on the bodies own testosterone production.







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