Being in shape is a reaction and not a state

Being in shape

In Shape.

Many people think that you get into shape and your body stays in shape. The common understanding is that you have to train to get into shape and stay in shape but in practice, this does not happen.

The use of steroids highlights this fact. Time and time again guys tell me that same thing, they gained weight and then lose it all again. Most commonly this is blamed on the post cycle treatment regimen and this is partly true but it makes one miss the real concept behind the changes in your body.

How do you stay in shape?

I’ll try and explain it by using an analogy of recipes like baking a loaf of bread. A set of ingredients gives you a certain type of bread. If you want a different type of bread you need a different recipe. The use of steroid gives you a radical example of this. Because the changes in body chemistry is so radical.

Before you use steroids your body is in a certain state. You see it as a state but it is actually a reaction to a set of ingredients. On a steroid cycle you have effectively changed the body chemistry and the increased strength and endurance etc. effectively changes the ingredients. The result is a different reaction from your body and you see this as a different state. When you train naturally these changes can be very subtle because of slow changes in the body.

When you come off the steroids your ingredients have changed again by placing your body chemistry into another state. The result is again a different reaction. As your body returns to normal testosterone production the chemistry changes again so again there is a different reaction. At this point, people go back to the original set of ingredients so they end up in the exact state before the steroid cycle. By observing the changes taking place people get stuck on the reactions and fail to see the ingredients. This, in turn, means you are not managing the ingredients.

In closing

It seems simple and logical, but the effect on the goals you set, are huge. Understanding the principal is the key. If you look at the “state” your body is in, then you need to look at the things you’re doing that causes that state. If you want to change then you need to change the things you are doing. Diet, training, and steroids cause big changes but to maintain the change, in the long run, you have to constantly be aware of your set of ingredients.

One last point to bear in mind. You can change your training, diet, etc quickly, but the body takes much longer to react to these changes so this becomes a process of change, wait and see, evaluate, change wait and see and so on.