Backyard Steroids Manufacturing

Backyard Steroids manufacturing has been the focus of numerous articles all over the bodybuilding domain. Including some for Muscle Evolution. The subject of anabolic steroid brands that are being manufactured without using any sterilization processes or filers to filter our harmful bacteria has been highlight countless times and with good reason. Some people still think that getting cheap steroids should be the goal instead of paying for the best quality. There is also many “fly-by-night” steroid sellers looking to make a quick buck set up Backyard manufacturing or sell “Steroid Manufacturing Kits” and then providing misinformation and false guarantees as part of their sales pitch. Be careful where you get your information from!

You have to use a 0.65 micron filter and then a 0.25 micron filter that’s specially manufactured to filter out harmful bacteria. That’s not to mention the rest of the sterilization process and procedures that must be followed. This add greatly to the manufacturing costs.

Low cost steroid are being produced by simply buying the active ingredient along with some oil and is mixed up in very unhygienic conditions. In some cases the oils are heated but without proper filtration unwanted particles and pathogens will still be present in the mixture. Pharmaceutical conditions for manufacturing sterile medicines uses everything from a positive pressure environments to high cost filtration systems to eliminate any contamination. Maintaining a “clean room” state is not only essential but expensive.

Today I received a call from a guy who purchased extremely cheap anabolic steroids from a friend who bought a DIY kit from the internet and set up a Backyard Steroids lab making anabolic steroids at his home. Extremely cheap being the operative word. Because of this unhygienic environment a flesh eating bacteria found its way into the mix. This lead to the flesh literally being eaten away around the injection site.

If this does not make you think twice about buying steroids with ridiculous names and is super cheap compared to reputable brands, then nothing will! Be warned. Think twice. Research a bit longer. Cross reference information.

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