Information on IGF1R3 and PEG Mechano Growth by Ciccone Athlete

IGF-1 R3

Information on IGF1R3 and PEG Mechano Growth by Ciccone athlete. I started using IGF1R3 Long and PEG MGF (Mechanic Growth) as part of my regime.

I decided to use a different protocol to the one I wrote for the web sites. I am following the Anthony Roberts protocol by taking 250mcg (he suggests 100mcg) PEG MGF bilaterally in the muscle group I have trained directly after my workout. Because so many people have been asking me about the results I have been getting I decided to share the information with the hopes that other athletes will benefit by getting better results from using the two compounds.

I have my carb and protein (TNT Mercury black mass or Ciccone Pharma whey with TNT Vitargo) post workout drink at the same time and one hour later I take a full 100mcg ampules of IGF1R3Long subcutaneous in the stomach. I have a full meal with good carbs and protein after my IGF1 R3 LONG injection.

This is a max dose and I am sure you could get away taking much less. I also find this quite expensive. Different peoples bodies react differently so experimenting to find the right amounts are often needed.

We will be bringing in a 1000 mcg IGF1R3LONG that will be a third of the price of and come with acetic acid and bacteriostatic water. You will mix and preserve the active ingredient with the acetic acid and on injecting dilute it with bacteriostatic water so that the injection does not hurt. This version of IGF1R3LONG will be a third of the price.

According to Anthony Roberts this is the best protocol. He actually goes as far as saying it’s better than growth hormone itself and works faster. I hope that this Information on IGF1R3 and PEG Mechano Growth helps you get more out of your cycles.


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