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Human Growth Hormone


Trade names: Genetropin, Humatrope, Norditrope, Jintropin

Subcutaneous injections (below the skin)

Growth hormone has a strong anabolic effect that causes enlargement of the muscle cells by increased protein synthesis. HGH also causes hyperplasia or the increase of actual; muscle cells, not obtained by steroids. HGH causes an increase in the body’s utilization of body fat and thus a reduction in overall body fat. A further benefit of HGH is that it strengthens connective tissue, cartilage and tendons with obvious advantages.

Some considerations:

HGH works best when used in conjunction with anabolic steroids or at least an anabolic like compound like Clenbuterol. Also important to note is the fact that HGH is only effective when it binds with insulin to form IGF-1. Because the body only produces a limited amount of insulin and only under certain circumstances, massive doses of HGH is not warranted. In the real of serious bodybuilders, this is remedied with the intake of insulin and thyroid hormones, but this falls outside the scope of the average or even the enthusiast. Smaller divides doses throughout the day coupled with small but numerous meals throughout the day seems to yield the best results. Alternating and symmetrical injection sites are important because HGH cause reduction of fat deposits around the injection sites.

Gains achieved with HGH is solid and remains after use has been discontinued. HGH can be used for long periods of time with consistent results. People that have used HGH correctly have also above the other advantages experienced an increase in skin elasticity, and reduction of skin wrinkles, increased energy and even increased hearing and sight. It is no secret that HGH is used with huge success in rejuvenation clinics around the world.

HGH is complex to take and requires discipline and patience, but it is worth it if you can afford the price tag.

The Chinese versions have made GH very affordable, expect to pay around R4000 for the name brands and R2800 for the Chinese versions.

10 x 10IUs

The original Chinese version was good. Jintropin is so heavily faked that one cannot be sure what you get and it is better avoided.

Mixing Nomatropin Nomatropin comes packaged in a specific way so the active remains stable and can be shipped. There are 10 vials containing the active compound in a freeze-dried powder. These vials have a self-sealing bladder on the top like a normal injectable vial. Then there are ten ampoules containing 1ml of bacterio-static water or mixing solution.

The procedure for mixing single vial is simple. You mix one vial at a time, which is nice because you don’t risk a large amount of expensive GH at a time. Firstly you break one ampoule of mixing solution like a normal injectable ampoule. You then use a syringe and needle to suck the solution up. I like to use a normal 24 or 26 gauge needle with a normal syringe because it is easier to get to the bottom of the ampoule compared to using a insulin syringe. This solution is then injected into the vial with the freeze-dried active. Inject it slowly and once it is in, SWIRL the solution GENTLY. DO NOT SHAKE the solution; just let it take its time to dissolve properly.

This vial now contains 1ml of the active or 10IUs of GH. Using an insulin syringe you can now suck up the appropriate amount and inject as needed.

Insulin needles and units

The next problem is to understand how an insulin needle is marked. Insulin needles come in 0.5ml or 1ml version but they are marked in units. The 1ml will have 100 units. If you want to inject say 2 IUs of the GH you mixed then that would mean you need 0.2ml. On the insulin syringe this will be 20 units and so on.


Difficult to get hold of and the Name is faked, the unique vials are not because it is to expensive to re-produce. Much of the available stock falls of the back of the truck so the cold-chain cannot be verified. If you buy this it's luck of the draw.

1x 36IUs or 1 x 16IUs

Very good GH but expensive and the large vials are unpractical.

10 x 10IUs

The only Growth Hormone to buy in South Africa. Cost effective, good supply and tested top quality by the University of the Witwatersrand.

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