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Testosterone undecanoate - Oral gel capsule

Trade names: Andriol/Androxon

Oral gel capsule

Androxon is one of the most unique steroids because besides metheltestosterone it is the only other effect oral testosterone. Testosterone when taken orally is absorbed through the portal vein and deactivated in the liver.

Androxon (testosterone undecanoate) is absorbed through the intestines into the lymphatic system and thus bypasses the live altogether. This leads to the first benefit in that the liver function is not affected.

Androxon aromatises only minimally so the typical symptoms and side effects experiences with testosterone like gynecomastia, water retention and fat storage are not associated with this substance. This makes Androxon a favorite among athletes in the pre-contest phase.

Another advantage is that Androxon only begins to affect the bodies own hormone production after long term use where as other testosterones cause an almost immediate feedback on the bodies own hormone production. Androxon seems like the perfect steroid but there are some disadvantages.

The problem with dosage is firstly seeded in a very short half-life. This means that the compound is effective for a very short time. High dosages have to be taken to get a comparable effect to injectable testosterones and this dosage starts at 240mg/day. This high dosage means that some of the typical testosterone side effects can start becoming an issue.

Considering all the facts about Androxon, it is still extremely popular and my guess is that the short half-life is a bonus for athletes being tested and athletes in pre-contest situations. In addition I think that this compound my be very well suited to people not wishing to bulk up to extreme size but is rather looking for quality muscle in combination with GH, Oxandrolone and so on. It certainly is the safest testosterone available.

approx R6/tab if you can get hold of it.
Androxon by Organon is the only real version available. I comes in foil strips containing 10 gel capsules per strip. Each capsule contains 40mgs of the active.