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28 December 2010

Short steroid cycle problems

    Many people seem to think that taking a short steroid cycle will reduce side effects and so on while still giving results.
    Typically 4-week cycle of say D-Bol. This is simply not the case. Here’s why;

    The problem comes into play when one considers how the body build muscle and the process require. The first thing
    is that many steroids require a reasonable amount of time to get into the system and start stimulating the androgen
    receptor sites. Fast acting steroids may be felt quite quickly, but that brings in the second issue of stimulation.

    One still has to train progressively to get growth. This basically means that you need consecutive sessions of training
    a muscle or muscle group, constantly increasing the weight/duration/intensity etc each following workout, to create growth.
    This takes time as one can only stimulate a muscle properly once or twice a week with reasonable rest and recover,
    and subsequent growth. This means that the growth is still limited to the training you can do without overtraining.

    Another fact is metabolism and diet. It also takes some time for the body to adjust to the protein intake and utilisation of
    nutrients, an integral part of gaining muscle. Just like you cannot get fat over a period of a week by eating badly,
    you cannot build muscle without gett6ing the body to absorb and use the necessary nutrients. I know this a short and
    simplified explanation but ultimately one want to know what the bottom line is, how must one proceed?

    Basically one need to look at what results you can get over a given period of time and then trade that off against
    side effects and so on. The key here is gains for least side effects. The point is that you are going to strain the
    system one way or another, but if you are you at least want some returns. I don’t think it makes a lot of sense to
    take a dose of say D-bolas an example for 3 weeks, getting very little gains and having strained the liver anyway.
    I would rather take an 8 or 10-week cycle of a slightly lower dose and focus on the progression in training and diet,
    allowing for the entire system to gain.

    While the side effects will still be there, at least you have something to show for it and as the system recovers,
    you can naturally train your way back to where you where on the cycle form a strength and size point of view. 

    Another example; taking 4 weeks of 1000mgs of test a week will likely give less gains in the long run than taking
    150mgs a week for 16 weeks with good training progression.

    Anyway, that’s just my thought hope it makes sense to somebody out there and helps a bit!